Finally finished this amazing game. Wow. SPOILERS

Content of the article: "Finally finished this amazing game. Wow. SPOILERS"

Two and a half days of playtime. What an amazing thrill ride this game was, from beginning to end.

Before I begin the exposition of my journey, let me get my only complaints about this game out of the way.

First, the popping. I chalked this up mostly due to my many-years-old first generation Xbox trying to run what was essentially too good of a game, but I've seen many complaints about that elsewhere on this sub. It made the Lost River and Lava zones a major pain at times, being unsure if what was ahead was truly a path or just a cave wall that hadn't rendered yet. I also had to use some serious console commands to warp my seamoth out of a wreck that didn't load until I was inside.

Second, Prawn collision. URRRRRRGHHHHH. Walking through alien facilities was like being on a frozen pond. Constantly sliding, getting stuck. If not for the grapple arm my prawn would have been ditched inside the first facility it went in. Then, the first time I used the phasegate built for the Emperor children, I fell right through the entire map. Thankfully I'd read a post on here about being sent back to the shallows at 8000m. For anyone who's yet to encounter this, make sure you hold your dive button as well, because my prawn still would have been destroyed before making it there if I hadn't started doing that around 2500m. After that near catastrophe, I parked my prawn on the Enforcement island, and went about retrieving my Seamoth and Cyclops from down below. Upon returning, I found that my prawn had glitched through the ground and was unreachable. I used console commands for the second and final time to spawn a new one and all the upgrades.

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Now that that's out of the way, I can recap what was overall one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

It took me a while to build my first base. I was afraid of committing to a zone and not liking it. Eventually, however, having 8 floating lockers around the lifepod became cumbersome. My first base felt like it was miles away, but in reality was less than 200m from the lifepod, at the entrance to the Jellyshroom Caves.

After quite a bit of living there, I eventually progressed to the Blood Kelp zone. The area scared the shit out of me so I hastily ferried in some resources to scrounge together a basic base with a bioreactor, scanning room, and fabricator. It turned out this base was just a stone's throw from one of the Lost River entrances, however, I only ever visited it once or twice.

Then, I decided I'd need a center of operations with more access to more biomes, so I built in the Mushroom Forest, directly above the phasegate. I figured that would come into play in the late game (it sort of did) and there is a plethora of resources inside.

I finally found the Lost River by simply setting out in an uncharted direction from my Shroom base. I was a scaredy cat with the Cyclops at first, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out I could still jump with the Prawn minus the jump jet upgrade. But once I saw all those resources that were my current barrier, I quickly set up a base near the ghost leviathan, using thermal vents and a bioreactor powered by my alien containment full of Reginalds (Reggies, as I affectionately began to call them). This was my favorite base throughout the game, as it made for an excellent staging grounds for sending the Cyclops and Prawn deep into the lava zones.

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I was blown away by the Emperor. I still didn't trust that it wouldn't attack me for the first couple minutes I was down there. But it was super cool to have you go back and basically get one previously unused (and unknown) ingredient from each biome. Since it had taken me so long to get there in the first place, I knew where they would all be found just by name and sight, which was an incredibly rewarding experience.

All in all, this game was absolutely incredible, and I'll be playing it again to see how much more efficient I can be. It takes some of the most exciting and immersive elements in gaming – survival, an open world setting, and world-based storytelling. The last of those was perhaps my favorite, it gave me a feeling of figuring out the puzzle that I've only ever gotten from Dark Souls and Hollow Knight.

And the time capsules are amazing. I didn't want to ruin the game for anyone else by leaving behind too much, but I also wanted to give a big boost and be memorable. I went with a purple tablet, an ion battery, one aerogel, one lubricant, my Seamoth mk3 depth module, and of course, the Keep Calm kitty poster.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading, and I'm glad that you clearly got at least as much enjoyment out of this game as I did.

Also, what's the latest word on Below Zero for console? Everything I find says it should have been released by now


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