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I did over 20 guides to help people to get started with the subnautica game. I spent over 1 month to get them all done. Hope it will help you as well to get started.

– Base Building Playlist –

How to Build Farming Base –

Multipurpose Room Location & Utility –

Moonpool Location & Utility –

Vehicle Upgrade Console Location & Utility –

Battery Charger Location & Utility –

Scanner Room Location & Utility –

Water Filtration Machine Location & Utility –

Power Cell Charger Location & Utility –

Nuclear Reactor Location & Utility –

Modification Station Location & Utility –

Thermal Plant Location & Utility –

Bioreactor Location & Utility –

Alien Containment Location & Utility –

Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments Location & Utility –

– Equipment Blueprint Locations, Crafting & Utility Playlist

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Laser Cutter Fragments Location & Utility –

Propulsion Cannon Fragments Location & Utility –

Seaglide Fragments Location & Utility –

Seamoth Fragments Location & Utility –

Seamoth Upgrades Location & Utility –

Stasis Rifle Fragment Locations & Utility –

– Get Started Playlist –

Coordinates on Console & PC –

– Materials Locations & Utility Playlist –

Diamond Uses –

Diamond Location Early & Safe –


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