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Hello everyone o/

After finishing my underwater zoo on my main saves and after a few unsuccessful tries a few months ago (god-damnit labyrinthic wrecks) I decided to finish a hardcore game as a "goodbye" to the game (which is one of my favourite in years).

The stakes are high and the tension just as much. I especially loved the lava areas which were not very scary in the original game (I mean sure, they were more difficult but by that time I had too much spare resources and experience too really fear it).

While I only decided to go with my cyclops and prawn suit to the 800m facility to gather some components to upgrade my cyclops and prawn suit, I ended up simply finishing the three facilities in one go and it was tense as hell.

My prawn suit had no grappling hook, no improved jet fuel, so I was constantly bombarded and attacked by the leviathans and had to find specific paths so I could get back up to my cyclops which I then had to clean from those motherf****** slugs while I was being bombarded and hunted by a leviathan so that I would have enough energy to make the trip back. And so close to the end, it's the most suspenseful the game had ever been to me.

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Overall I strongly recommend the hardcore experience. Other have mentioned how the approach of terror in the game relies on a low difficulty (because things that kill you too much tend not to be scary for long) and that approach also strongly benefit the hardcore mode by making it actually doable for everyone. It's a great experience, and a different one as I kind of played a bit more like my character actually would. Instead of exploring the whole world for fun, I focused on my goals: The pressing matter of me dying of illness and getting the hell away from this planet before something finally hunted me down or I ran out of air stuck in a wreck's ventilation conduit. 10/10 and I might play below zero in hardcore from the very start when it's released!

What does everyone think of the HC mode or how it could be improved?


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