I am 22 hours into this game. IDGAF about Spoilers please tell me how to beat it

I bought this game on the 14th, as the title suggests, I am so fed up with dying to Leviathan Reapers trying to scan fragments to build a Cyclops that doesn't seem to matter because I can't find my way into the God Damned Aurora anyway.

I have gone out of my way to fully immerse myself in this game, literally the only thing I looked up was how to find the blueprints for the Multipurpose room, since that's basically how you start basebuilding and that seemed like a pretty crucial blueprint to have so I didn't have 80 floating boxes, my OCD don't like that, bro. Essentially that led me to unlocking what I assume is like the first major event of the game where the spaceship sent to "rescue" you gets blown up and you find out you're infected.

I have spent so much time now, I've gone through 4 Seamoths, I have 2 fully functioning bases, one near Aurora and one at 250M in the Jelly caves, I have so many resources I can craft whatever the hell I want.

WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW!? I can't find my way into Aurora without being destroyed by a Leviathan Reaper and I can't find the 3rd piece (it doesn't tell me what it is of course) for the Cyclops, I have the Bridge and Engine completely blueprinted. So basically I'm just left making a bunch of Seamoths trying to escape the magnetic jaws of Reaper Leviathans trying to find out how the fuck to get into Aurora.

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My save file says 19hrs and 15mins. I've easily lost 5 hours due to saving bugs. I'm well over a day played in this, I just want to fucking finish it. Fuck!

The reason I'm even making this post is because every single time I click on a "Subnautica Walkthrough" it's littered with phrases like "I don't want to spoil it for you, but you need to go deep"… Yeah I fucking know I need to go deep. I can't find the god damn blue prints to go deep, and I can't find the god damn place where I go deep in. Stop fucking with me and someone tell me how to actually play the fucking main plot. This is absolutely ABSURD!


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