I have a theory of ending in the release

Content of the article: "I have a theory of ending in the release"

50% Sam is alive and Alan is a bad guy. But wait till the end.

Alan will become hostile at the phase gate, because it will be arrogant enough to think that you as human knowing about him and also admitting that his mistake is a-ok (sign that Robin definitely is not of any help with such bad mindset)- is a threat to him and his species.

He will explain stuff like it means nothing that they shared a journey together because human concepts are primitive and dangerous to their science and race etc. It will be made clear that Architects are in fact hostile and dangerous species, manipulative and have no hard feelings about their actions. OR that Alan wants to vivisect her and use her and humans to improve Architect race better, but destroying human race overall. Then start attacking.

Either Sam or Margaret will come to save Robin. If Sam – it will be weak fight like she will do something to the gates or something.

I speculate it will be Margaret with her attack Prawn, because why else this nice Prawn is in a game. It’s just waiting for a fight cinematic.

She will damage Alan and he get to the phase gate. Which will be deactivated after. Robin and Margaret (or Sam) will share some laughs and then there will be rocket or something with which Robin will get the hell outta planet.

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If Margaret will save Robin – suddenly Sam will contact Robin saying that she in fact orbiting the planet with her business terrorists friends and waits for Robin to get to her, she will drop rocket blueprint or pod or something. Basically giving the player ability to play the game forever before ending.

Future game may possibly be about humans exploring distant Architects homeworld containing way different water and species and biomes (it will be deadly for sales if they would try to repeat the look alike biomes and species again). Also with possibility to fly in space. Maybe huge artificial water planet with big docks to outside space, where players will be able to salvage rarest minerals and get to docks from other side.

It will be a fun crossover story if they will unveil that Kharaa from Natural Selection 2 game is in fact race constructed by architects to destroy humans. Hence the Alterra map in the game and the name of aliens.


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