I installed a subnautica mod and it’s hunting me. Creepy pasta SPOILERS

Content of the article: "I installed a subnautica mod and it’s hunting me. Creepy pasta SPOILERS"

Well here I am writing this my name is Jonathan Douglas, I honestly have no idea how much time I have left, it’s probably looking for me right now in fact. Well anyway, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, what’s going on, and how this is happened. Well it all started 1 or 2 weeks ago when I had just bought a new computer and I was watching YouTube and I saw a game YouTubers playing called subnautica and it looked fun and scary, after all horror games are my kind of games so I decided to give it a shot. So after a few days I fell in love with game and I had already beaten it and got every achievement and found every Easter egg so needless to say I was hooked. But, it got boring after a while so I decided to look towards the modding community, but it wasn’t that big so I didn’t expect anything game changing, well actually I did, isn’t that what mods are for? Anyways I digress, I found a mod labeled “Multiplayer NPC mod” the description of the mod was “This mod is going to add multiplayer to your game or if you’re lonely and don’t have friends it will give you an NPC to help you on your journey of mastering the seas and in some cases might help you cope with loneliness”. I didn’t think much of this because despite being out for 2 years, it only had 13 downloads. “Eh” I thought, wasn’t the only time I had downloaded shitty mods, so I downloaded it, and something I found odd was it was a solid 3 gigabytes, took 27 minutes to download, this is when I got really high expectations. So I booted up subnautica and made a new save file. After doing the cutscene and all, I hopped out of the lifepod and noticed nothing new or no new changes. So I just started looking around and doing stuff, that’s when I found the first thing or should I rather say what I didn’t find, there were absolutely no lifepods not even the one I spawned in. They were all gone, this freaked the hell out of me. “Whatever” I thought, maybe it was a corruption or something, a glitch maybe? So I just kept looking and well after minutes of swimming in my seamoth I looked around and saw nothing but endless ocean, then my screen started to shake violently as if the game was in a washing machine, not the computer just the game. Then it just turned black, now I was starting to get legitimately scared and freaked out. But the game cut back and I was in the safe shallows. “What the fuck was that?” I thought, but I kept driving my seamoth and that’s when I found the second thing. It was a ship, like a spaceship ship , it had a giant hole in the back of it and it was clearly corroded, but where the hole was it was burnt or something, it looked like burnt metal. “Was this the work of the alien gun?” I thought. I was confused, curios, and scared. So I hesitantly kept looking around and I found an island, it wasn’t the floater island or gun island it was new and different. And I also saw habitats, seamoths, and a cyclops or 2, possibly more. But the odd thing was the lights were off as if the base didn’t have power. But as I was realizing this and analyzing the buildings the lights flickered on and scared the shit out of me. I didn’t want to deal with this anymore so I drove back to my base and this when I also noticed a shit ton o fm stuff was missing from materials to my entire fucking cyclops. All of my stuff from my garden had been taken, in fact almost everything was gone. So I went to the top of my base to look for stuff and that’s when the lights cut out, which unsurprisingly scared me. That’s when I heard the indistinguishable sound of my base hatch opening. And then footsteps. Bearing closer and closer to the ladder in which led to the top part of my base, in the room I was in. So with all the courage I could muster I clicked the button the go down the latter but a last, nothing, there was nothing. This is when I said “Fuck this” and closed the game. I went to the mod manager and deleted it, good riddance. So I hoped back on, the same save with the creepy shit, I’m such fucking idiot. So I left my base and to go do stuff and when I came back to my base, there was nothing, at all. There were no windows or anything, it was just a hatch and a single room. So I hoped in like a dumbass and what I saw next made me nearly piss my pants. What I saw was a live video feed coming through my web cam on a picture frame on the wall. But the most disturbing part was when I looked over and saw more live feed, but it wasn’t through my webcam. It was camera footage coming through my window. It’s when I saw a flash come through my window, I grabbed my phone and computer (I use a laptop) I ran out of the door and I jumped inside my car and started it up. I zoomed to my friends house and furiously pounded on the door checking behind my back the entire time. When he opened the door I rushed in and slammed the door locking it in the process. My friend asked me what the hell was wrong and I explained in a jumble of words and he nodded confusingly but as if he knew what’s going on. But what I haven’t told anyone till now is that I explored the bases I found on that island and I will never speak of what I found. So I’ve been staying at my friends house for now and today when my friend went to use the bathroom I looked at his computer and I found out he made mods and he made one for subnautica and looking at it there were 14 downloads with a list of names, 13 out of 14 had EMD, it’s when I saw a name without a EMD, my name. It’s when the lights in the room went out and my friend was standing at the doorway and there was a knock at the front door. He’s just standing there right now, oh no he’s walking towards me, this might be the end. Jonathan Douglas EMD.

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