My creature tier list! (with explanations)


Reaper: iconically terrifying in design and implementation, IMO nothing matches the terror of exploring one of the three zones they inhabit, that is if you're brave enough not to head back to safety at the first sound of their roar.

Cuddlefish: the friendliest fish in the sea


Crabsquid: Love the design, both visual and audio. Probably the most "alien" feeling of fauna, along with the warper

Warper: Ditto for crabsquid, with interesting lore to boot

Mesmer: it is my primary directive to declare the mesmer is pretty dang cool

Ghost: ghosts are spooky, and hearing the blood curdling shriek of the ghost is no exception

Peeper: the Pikachu of subnautica

Hoverfish: Love the design and his little derp face

Reefback: part whale, part jellyfish, totally majestic

Crabsnake: my next door neighbors, having built my base in the jellyshroom cave


Gasopod: it's the little things about the gasopod that I like. His little gas mask face, his stupid laugh, farting toxic fumes

Sea Dragon: Reapers may fear the sea dragon, but I don't really. The design isn't very scary for one. Its area is also well lit. To be fair, put the sea dragon in the dunes and it instantly becomes a lot scarier.

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Sea treader: goofy looking poopers

Reginald: the best eating on 4546B

Bladderfish: Versatile! Food? Check. Water? Check. Flotation device? Check.

Jellyray: soothing, graceful

Sea emperor: for some reason they kinda remind me of the 12th colossus in SOTC

Skyray: the only land based fauna that we know of, unless you really want to count cave crawlers (but why would you?). I wish there would have been a few more land creatures.

Hoopfish: I just love the color scheme and hoopiness

Floater: weird…but cool!

Stalker: I don't think their design is anything to write home about but their metal munching and how it is integrated as a game mechanic is great.

Ghost ray: basically ditto for jellyray. And they make cute sounds.

Ampeel: what can I say, I like electric eels.


As the ranking implies, my general feelings about the C tier creatures is best described as "meh". I will say I love the clicky sounds of the shuttlebug . BONESHARKS are f'in annoying as they will swarm your seamoth or Prawn and constantly force you to repair it. I tried using crashfish as a weapon but they are pretty disappointing in that respect.


The D creatures are mostly reserved for reskins, with a couple of generic wormy things.


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