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I’ve been seeing a few posts asking about Stalkers and how to deal with them. Most of the Responses I find just say to pull out a knife and kill them, but I instead used an alternative way to deal with them, and this is what happened

I was playing in a new world and was going back to the life pod to make silicone fiber. As I go back out of the life pod, I am immediately stared in the face by a Stalker! I get back inside and question why there was a Stalker outside my life pod in the Safe Shallows. I take out my survival knife and try to kill it, but it runs away after I start attacking it.

After it running away for the fourth time, I then decide, what if I take a different approach, and try to tame it? I look on YouTube, but the videos didn’t look entirely legit, but I still tried it.

I went up to the Stalker for the fifth time, but instead of holding out a knife, I had a Peeper in my hand. I try dropping the Peeper in front of it, but it was too slow to catch the Peeper, so I grab it again. But right as I get it back, it disappears from my hand. I become confused and look at the Stalker right next to me, then I realized what had happened. I fed the Stalker a Peeper!

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I check by getting closer to it, and it doesn’t bite me, not even if I get in it’s way. I tell my friends about what happened and how I tamed it.

The next day, I go back on and see not one, but a pack of four Stalkers. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to tell others of our little encounter. They lived in a different area of the Safe Shallows, and I'd check on them every once in awhile and give them Peepers.

Unfortunately, because they were living in a different environment, two of them did not make it. One of them constantly got into fights with the Gasopods, and one day bit off more than it could chew and met it’s end. The other was exploring the caves and was greeted by one too many Crashfish and never came back out.

Jeb and the remaining Stalker learned to adapt to the Safe Shallows and were able to find food while staying away from any dangers.

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Now I often stop by to see them again and give them more Peepers, and they’ve taken a liking to me. Now whenever they’re hungry, they’ll still charge at me with a roar like usual, but instead of biting me, they’ll just spin around me until I give them a Peeper.

As you already know, I already named one Jeb, but what about the other Stalker? What should I name it? I am accepting both boy and girl names for this one, and I’ll pick which ever one I like most

Also now I got a similar situation but with 3 Ampeels, any tips on how to get rid of Ampeels? I have no remorse for them and the thermoblade doesn’t seem to work


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