No Spoilers An open letter to the devs. Your amazing game helped my crippling gambling addiction.

Content of the article: "No Spoilers An open letter to the devs. Your amazing game helped my crippling gambling addiction."

To start, I just want to say how much this game blew me away. I just finished it after about 78 hours play time, (maybe 4-5 hours a night when I would have free time off work) but usually i'd find myself out gambling between the hours of 8pm-1am but when I first started playing it about 4-5 weeks ago I just found myself so immersed into this world.

Alot of days I would wake up angry at myself because I knew what I was going to do that night but continued because I felt like there was some void that needed to be filled, and thankfully subnautica filled that void.

It two weeks into playing this game that I noticed that I hadn't stepped foot inside a pub and still haven't so far. I understand this may not sound like a huge deal to some, but please please understand that it was absolutley massive to me. I noticed how much happier I was, I stayed in the comfort of my home enjoying such a spectacular game, I wasnt addicted to subnautica but I was immersed. I build a home, garden, hatched some pets and just swam and enjoyed myself. And the music! My god the music is amazing and everytime I put my headset on and would hear ambiance of swimming in the safe shallows or the eeriness of the blood kelp zone i felt the life of the planet.

Sure there were so many terrfying moments where I would scream and say to myself that I couldn't continue (God damn reaper leviathans) but this game just kept on delivering and I kept wanting more from this game and I still want more.

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I guess what im saying is, playing this game has made me appreciate the art that people work blood sweat and tears for. I love gaming but I have never felt more immersed into what genuinely felt like a living and breathing world. It almost felt like a lifeline playing this game.

I cannot wait to do my second playthrough. I cannot wait to see this game expand. To all of the teams working on this game,

thank you so much.

I know there is still a long way to go but you truly have opened my eyes to the art that is the gaming industry.


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