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Assuming that there is a lot of frustration and confusion about enforced subreddit rules on spoilers, it would be good to edit these rules to show it fully. I mostly use mobile version so screenshots are taken from there.

Now people can see only first part of subreddit rules in its "About" section: "1.Post title must have or tags" (screenshot 1). When you start a new post there is "Regular enforcement" notification and a link to the "Rules" (screenshot 2). "Rules" are the same as described above (screenshot 3).

The only way to see actual subreddit rules are to use old.reddit version (on PC) or go to menu (top right three dots on the front page of this subreddit) and "Community info" section (screenshot 4). There (and only there) are full version of rules:

What's Spoiles?

Please title your post with if you're unsure, or if it's not.

Anything different beyond the Safe Shallows is a spoiler for new players, just keep in mind that new players come here all the time, and it'd suck to spoil them on the story, or creatures, or biomes thae haven't seen yet.

Indeed, new players are still coming here, and a lot of players are confused because of shortened version of subreddit rules. Using words from its full version, it'd suck not to let them see actual rules to avoid confusion.

Regarding last posts with critics on subreddit rules, most people are just unaware of the existence on normal rules and thinks that spoilers are not oficially described at all.

Best regards.

Poll question is "Do you know full subreddit rules?"

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