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Subnautica Story: So I got in my Seamoth and departed on a risky journey to a very VERY dangerous area, filled to the brim with all sorts of hellish beasts and sea demons, topped off with radiation, which slowly drained my already dwindling health. The mission was to receive an important blueprint, which in the end was NOT worth it. I decided to depart on this journey, which happened to be several thousand meters away, with only a few items and my trusty Seamoth. The crushing depths where the blueprint was located was quite far down in the water, too far for my beloved Seamoth. I had to depart on foot, or flipper I guess.

I had to swim approximately 100 meters down, with half of my health and constant hurting from the radiation, not to mention that I was far enough under water for my oxygen to run out at an accelerated pace. It was almost suicide. Almost. I had to get down there, swim up to Seamoth-Chan I, then take her back to the sweet safe walls of sanctuary, “Cool Epic Base 1” before the radiation drained the last of my life. By the time I had received the blueprint, things were looking grim. I was clinging on to what was left of my HP like it was my child.

Doubt was filling my head as I watched the sweet red meter of life drain, tick after tick, each second looking worse than the last. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel! I was only a few meters away from Seamoth-Chan I, I was almost safe!BUT! Just as quickly as hope arrived, it was stripped away by the cold hands of death. I had drowned, just seconds away from safety, my connection to this mortal coil severed…

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It was okay, there was still hope, although very little. I had already received the blueprint, the whole reason for this disaster in the first place, but a new mission was coming to light, a rescue mission. The plan was for me to swim through the reapers, and the bonesharks and the radiation, and the crushing depths, but it would all be worth it. It would be worth it to save my only true friend on Planet 4546B, my one and only. Seamoth-Chan I.

This mission was even more dangerous than the last, this was almost certain suicide. The difference, was this time I was filled with determination, never before seen. My only tool needed for this expedition was my trusty seaglide, although running a bit low on battery, it would be just enough to get me there. With fury in my eyes, I departed. On the way there, I was poisoned, crushed under pressure, bitten, chased, and more, but all I could think about was Seamoth-Chan. As I was drawing ever near, I was growing more and more hopeful. I could see her! there she was, my trusty companion. I shed a tear of joy as I saw her, all I went through for this god damn blueprint, all the sacrifice, effort, worry, and might. I was safe. Almost. I was mere centimeters away, when suddenly she blows apart like a screen door in a hurricane. A bone shark had vanquished her, destroyed her, killed her.

My only true friend, the safety in the murky depths, the protection from the elements, the transportation through the worst currents, the good times we had together, all gone in one swift move from this sub scum piece of shit. He had no idea the pandora’s box he had opened. He was about to face the wrath of an anger, built up from years of playing dark souls, that hadn’t been released, up until this point.

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I had nothing but vengeance and furious anger in my heart, what I did to him will haunt the boneshark species for millennia. He probably wished he was never born, if he had even realized what was happening before the lights went out. Left with nothing but the pulp, which used to resemble a boneshark, and my seaglide at 18% battery, I made a sad, sad trip home. There was no celebration, no happiness, only silence and the slight buzz of a nearly dead seaglide. You will be remembered Seamoth-Chan I, stories of you will be told for generations. RIP. I only hope that Seamoth-Chan II will live up to you


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