[No spoilers] Stuttering when walking on solid surface – Still not fixed after 3 months.

Content of the article: "[No spoilers] Stuttering when walking on solid surface – Still not fixed after 3 months."

Hey guys!

I wanna ask if anyone knows any fix for the microstutter / frame skipping / hitching when you are walking on solid surface. So the current situation with it:

In subnautica:

The stuttering started with the 2020 july update (which is the latest in the main branch) and stayed since. The developers disabled the ‘Use frame time for physics step’ option of the game and removed the option to enable it again for some genius reasons. Any movement on surface has horrible stuttering because of this and just walking in your own base gives horrible headache.

Some threads mentioning:

+ steam comments.

On the Experimental Branch:

The problem is completely fixed, guess they just switched back the ‘Use frame time for physics step’ option.

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In Subnautica Below Zero:

The same thing happened in 2020 May with below zero, but it was updated and fixed since and currently it works flawlessly. Proof:

In Subnautica it is not fixed since then and its a joke situation because in this current state the game is unplayable because on experimental we can't use mod manager to add essential mods like BluePrint Tracker, (It was added to below zero as default for a reason afterall…), and on the main branch the stuttering makes it unplayable.

a video I just recorded about the problem:

(watch at 60 fps)

So the questions are:

  1. Is there a way to turn ‘Use frame time for physics step’ back on even though its not in the menu anymore? Through some config files maybe?
  2. Is there a way to use mods on experimental branch? (tbh not a big chance if its not supported at all)
  3. Is it possible to reach out to the developers somehow to fix the situation they caused by adding a f*ing 5KB size update that adds one damn command in the game. They don't even have to think about solutions. Its there. If they cared maybe….
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