[No spoilers] Subnautica VR Questions/Issues

Content of the article: "[No spoilers] Subnautica VR Questions/Issues"

I've spent a lot of time digging through this subreddit and some of the VR subreddits but haven't found quite what I'm looking for so I'm hoping someone here can help me. First off, I LOVE Subnautica – it has to be at least in my top 5 games I've ever played. I've played through it several times over the years and am pretty excited about Below Zero. As BZ is getting closer and closer to final, I thought I'd play through the original once again but this time in VR. I know it's not officially supported and pretty janky in a lot of ways but I'm hoping to get it to a point I can play through it. Here are the issues I'm having:

  • I can't quite get basic swimming to control in a predictable way. I'm not a huge fan of looking straight up or down but since I'm wireless (Quest 2) it's doable. However, it seems very hit or miss for me. Often I'm looking straight up yet sinking as fast as possible towards the bottom. I'm playing with an Xbox One controller and can sometime use the RB and LB buttons to compensate but even then I still get a lot of unexpected behavior when simply trying to move up or down in any kind of controlled manner. Are there some settings I'm missing or some key mod to help with this? I'm using VR enhancements but that's about it. It almost seems that my Y direction somehow gets stuck in up or down regardless of where my head is looking or what button I'm pressing. This is the single biggest issue I have right now playing in VR
  • On the PDA, when I pull it up I can't consistently get to the tab I want. Yes, it sucks that the thing is right in front of my face but I can work with that. But for example, when I'm on the inventory tab and attempting to move something to storage, it keeps jumping out of that tab to other tabs in the PDA. It seems it might be tied to me moving my head, even slightly? But I swear there are time my head is rock steady and I still can't keep the PDA on a tab for more than a few seconds. It's pretty maddening.
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Outside of that I'd welcome any tips, mods, settings, etc. people have to improve the experience. I see a lot of you ended up playing with mouse and keyboard over a controller so maybe I'll try that as well to see if it controls more predictably.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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