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Yesterday I finally began expanding my seabase- i made two more floors, some extra stuff like beds and little decor, and most importantly, my Alien Containment!! And the whole reason I wanted the alien containment was to get myself a cute little Cuddlefish!!

So after building the containment, I set off for the only Cuddlefish egg that I knew the location of- the one in the Mushroom Tree Cave. Of course, I did not have the prawn suit at the time (I got it later yesterday) so I had no choice but to take my seamoth in there to search for the egg.

I was so careful. So very very careful that I did not even scratch the bubblegum pink paint on my seamoth! And then I found the egg and picked it up, now carrying precious cargo. I hopped back in the seamoth and very, very carefully made my return out of the caves…

Until I reached the exit.

In the exit was an Ampeel, stuck in there. At first I thought if I got out of the seamoth and swam around it that maybe it would come out and chase me, but no, it just writhed around in there. I had no clue what to do, was I going to be stuck in the caves forever, unable to hatch my prized Cuddlefish?

I finally came to the conclusion that if I just rammed the Ampeel, it would knock him out of the way. So I did, I went full force against it in my seamoth, sending the Ampeel flying forward. My seamoth sustained significant damage from this, but I thought I could get out and repair it before the Ampeel came back.

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I was wrong. That thing returned with a vengeance, thrashing about my seamoth, crushing it into pieces. I swam up to the surface as fast as I could, just so I could return home and hatch my Cuddlefish.

So I had to sacrifice my third seamoth of the game to escape with my egg. I still miss that seamoth, but now that I have a prawn suit I don't care as much. At least I have now hatched my new son, a Cuddlefish I decided to name Gerald.

RIP bubblegum pink seamoth number 3. You will be missed. But not that much because i replaced you with a bubblegum pink prawn suit.


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