One of the best games I have ever played.

When I was 14 I was watching a streamer named Sodapoppin. I loved his highlights, and one day I saw him playing a game called Subnautica. I watched a highlight where he saw the sunbeam get blown out of the sky, and his reaction was hilarious. I wanted to try the game out myself. I decided to buy the game (I think it was during a sale on steam), and it was so much fun. I remember being slightly scared of the fish and other animals, but I eventually got over that fear.

I introduced the game to one of my friends, and he loved it. One day he came over, and he decided to show me something he had just discovered in the game. He told me to load a creative save, and proceeded to build me a Seamoth. He then had me control the game. He guided me South East, towards the intimidating ship, which I had not explored by this point (I was only brave enough for the shallows). I didn't have the headphones on so we could talk, but he told me to look closely. I was at the back end of the ship. This place would soon be one of the most horrifying places in the game to me. I was concentrated in on the game, and without sound, I could not hear the horrifying roars of the creature. The area was brown with a very smoggy look to it. I couldn't see anything in front of me. He told me to keep exploring in the area, and that is when a creature with 4 claw-like limbs on it face, grabbed me from behind, and made me forever afraid of it. It's almost skeleton looking face, with long predatory teeth, looking at me, my friend laughing as I screamed trying to get out of its grasp. I went back to the shallows, where I felt safe. After that I was not interested in exploring Subnautica with him, and we proceeded to do other things. That was when I took a break from the game, shortly after discovering it.

I was already afraid of the sea, and the reaper (I later learned to call it) did not help that much. I wanted to play the game, but didn't want to get caught by a reaper. I started a new save around a year later, and proceeded to discord stream it to that same friend. It helped me feel less alone in the massive sea. I remember as I traveled to mountain island or the floating islands, I would keep my seamoth above water in order to not be afraid. Eventually I played to around the same point that I had gotten too before I took a break, around the point where the sunbeam gets blasted out of the air. I was also heavily looking to upgrade my computer at that point. Long story short, I finally did, and unfortunately I forgot to bring my Subnautica save file with it. I focused on other games, and really put subnautica in the back of my mind.

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Most recently I started to watch Pewdiepie play the game. I really didn't want the game spoiled for me, so I decided I would play it on my friends xbox. (The same friend who showed me the reaper in the first place.) I played it for hours on end. I explored everything, but this time I pulled up a map. I looked at where all the reaper leviathans were, and stayed at least 500m away from those areas at all time. I absolutely loved the game. I explored the ship, looked up all the codes so I wouldn't have to go back (After all there is a leviathan deep down at the front of the ship), and I built a cool little base. I built it next to the mushroom forests directly north from the middle of the ship. I first feared this area, but it grew on me because of the many materials to be found there, and the cute jellyrays. I named my Seamoth Stan, my prawn suit Simon, and I honestly forgot the name of my cyclops because I was sort of afraid to use him. I went to areas so deep, areas I thought I wouldn't ever discover. I got to the lost river, and to the beautiful area, that you can find tons of nickel ore in. I loved the jelly ray, and the ghost ray. The passive creatures were beautiful. Although, before I went down deeper, I was horrified of the Reefback Leviathans. They were huge and intimidating but overall very kind and brainless.

I finally went down to the lava zones. Now, if you have not beaten the game or gone down to this area, I highly encourage you to leave this page now. It is so nice to not have the area spoiled for you. My friend was courteous enough to not spoil this area for me, and I want to be the same way. After the paragraph break I will be going into details that those who have not been that deep will not want to hear.

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The lava areas. I started by bringing my cyclops there which I will admit was a pretty awful idea. The larvae are awful, and you have to get out and deal with the creatures to get them off. I then just went down with my prawn suit, all while hearing the massive roars of a beast. I eventually got down to the area with the sea dragon. In my first encounter, I was horrified. It was guarding the entrance to the area, and it chased me down while I was not able to move out of sheer awe of the size of the beast. I think the saving factor, and the reason I was able to get past it was its face. I first saw this thing face on and then profile wise. For some reason this thing just didn't seem that scary to me. I was able to get past it and then proceed to go into the castle. I explored there, and then eventually went even deeper. To the active lava zones. I finally got into the main facility and called my friend in to show him I finally discovered it. He lead me into the pool of water, and I saw the massive fist of the Emperor. I thought this was just another ruse of his to try and get me jump scared, and I almost got out of the pool of water, but I am so glad that I didn't. This thing talked to me. It was wonderful. The area that it was in was one of the best areas in the game. I loved being able to swim next to everything with them just being passive towards me. It was such a valuable area in the game. A beautiful place. The devs made the area so much better by placing portals. I didn't need to prepare for a long journey every time I wanted to go down there. I just had to go through a portal. This place was amazing.

Before I went down there I had already built the ship (which I called Jack) and proceeded to color it red with black following the theme of all of my vehicles. This massive thing was so cool. Worth the grinding for the materials. I then proceeded to make the enzymes, and get healed of the disease. I felt awful about the poor emperor, but I loved seeing her so happy with her children. I then disabled the enforcer, and began my swim back in Simon. As I was going back I was able to see the massive wrecked ship, and Jack sitting right in front of it. My escape ship was so tiny compared to the behemoth I started on. I then got on my escape ship, wrote a paragraph for Simon, Stan, and my Cyclops (So sorry I forgot your name) and wished them well on the world without me. I then got into the seat in order to pilot the ship home. The ending of this game is wonderful, with the emperor saying some comforting words, that made me feel okay about her passing.

I could not stop thinking about this game. It was so beautiful. It made me feel bad for a creature that doesn't even exist. I had an absolute blast with this game, and I suggest it to anyone who needs a good game. 10/10 in my books alongside RDR2, Fallout 4, and other top games. If you haven't played the game, or are afraid of it as I once was, I highly suggest playing it. It is so worth it to try to avoid the reapers in order to play the rest of the game. I also don't believe it is worth it to try and get rid of these threats, as it makes the game even more interesting.

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TL;DR: Subnautica is one of the best games I have ever played. I highly suggest it to anyone reading this post. Anyone part of the subnautica community, I hope you keep enjoying this game. Thanks for the wonderful experience Subnautica devs!!!


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