Rock Puncher Research Centre & Mining – Unlimited Minerals!

(Image below) So I was experimenting with procuring an unlimited source of minerals, and came across the idea of 'farming' Rock Punchers.

To clarify: Rock Punchers have a ‘feeding’ animation where they dig up a rock and eat the rockgrubs on it, then toss the rock aside. This rock acts like a mineral outcrop you can break for resources, and represents the ONLY known renewable mineral resource to my knowledge. It’s like Sea Treaders, but more useful.

I did a couple of experiments and found the following:

  1. Only wild Rock Punchers will do. Tank-bred ones do not exhibit the typical feeding behaviour that creates breakable rocks.
  2. You need a natural floor for the rock punchers to feed. The game unfortunately does not count Foundations as a valid 'rock spawning' surface.
  3. Rock Punchers can jump at least 3 Compartments high, so either cover the top with more buildings or build a 'fence'.
  4. Build the Compartments as low to the ground as possible. If the space under a compartment can be filled with a foundation, it's big enough for the puncher to escape so build that foundation.
  5. You need the Prawn's Propulsion arm to abduct acquire wild Rock Puncher specimens for the enclosure.
  6. Rocks only disappear when touching a natural floor. If the rock lands on any player-made surface, they stay there effectively forever.
  7. Rock Punchers can sometimes see and punch you through the walls so grow shrubnuts for healing.
  8. Gather the rocks from below, through the gaps between the building legs. This way the rockpunchers won't jump UP to attack you, and the building may even protect you.
  9. The rocks they produce cannot be picked up with a propulsion cannon or grav trap nor broken by a Prawn Suit, you have to manually go in and break them. They produce only Titanium, Copper, Silver and Gold as far as I can tell.
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Update: Tested grav traps as u/dtrickk suggested. Did not work.

This size enclosure actually works best with 2 punchers. It's really hard finding a good place to build an enclosure!


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