Spoilers Survival of 4546B -Chapter 12, An unfortunate turn of events

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Bart and Ryley make their way out of the building and back to the shore when Bart starts coughing violently. When Ryley asks him if he’s ok, he just shrugs it off and says it's nothing to worry about, probably. Even on the shore, they can hear the almost mechanical clicks and whirrs of the Warpers below. They cautiously sneak past the Warper and climb into the Cyclops, that's when Bart looks over at the radio to find it beeping and blinking its light.

“Hey, Ryley, it looks like we have a message.” Bart plays the message after he stops coughing for a minute and sure enough, it’s Sunbeam. Connecting to a live communications relay.

“-one hearing this? This is Sunbeam. I can’t believe that there’s someone down there!"

“Sunbeam! This is Bart Torgal and Ryley Robinson! We-”

“Hold on, THE Bart Torgal? The Tor-”

“Yeah, I know. Torgal from the Degasi, we’ve been over this before. Where are you?” The giant alien structure starts to move. The tower extends and points in a specific direction. That’s when both Ryley and Bart look at each other in realization “That’s the weapon.”

“What’s a weapon? What are you two on about? What do you mean it’s not a building? Hold on, there’s no turning back. Positions, everyone. Touching down in 10, 9- hold on, what the hell is that energy signature?”

“Oh god, it's too late…” The alien structure charges a green energy blast and shoots the Sunbeam out of the sky. The ship explodes in the stratosphere and the small, flaming pieces that remained sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Ryley stands silent as he watches this all happen, his hands covering his mouth in shock the entire time. The alien gun returns back into a tower. Signal with the sunbeam lost.

“Oh my god… You MANIACS! YOU BLEW-" he coughs severely for a few seconds, "BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU ALL!”

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“You don’t say…” Bart says, rather annoyed.

“What just… Was that the thing that…!”

“Yup. Just as I thought. With that thing still active, we can’t leave this planet.”

“Son of a Crashfish. How do we shut it off? Where do we go?? Who's messaging us!?"

Bart tries calming Ryley down. "Ryley, please relax. We can figure this all out in due time, but I need you to calm down. You're having a panic attack."

"YA THINK!?" He sighs and lowers his voice. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't yell… I'm stressed. And I feel bad for Sunbeam. Are you sure there wasn't a way to help them?"

"Ryley, both of our ships went down, it was… Inevitable. I didn't want to say anything, to save you the pain of realization. I was heartbroken too…" Bart turns on the radio, expecting to hear a lifepod or another ship nearby, but what came through shocked them both to the wall.

▀▖┗▛Nine new biological subjects designated. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: hunting/analyzing. Sharing subject locations with other agents.

Ryley was the first to gather enough courage to speak, only to yell "What in the hell was that!"

Bart soon turns to him with the same look of fear. "I have a feeling we should leave this place. Like, now."

“Yeah, you're right. Let’s go-" The Cyclops starts sounding alarms and flashing red lights. "Warning! Creature attack!"

"Oh for the love of god, what now!" Bart yells "It's just one thing after another!" He takes control of the Cyclops cameras to look around for danger. "I bet it was a stupid Boneshark or a Warped or a-" Bart immediately loses the ability to speak as the only thing he sees in the cameras are the bright green eyes of a Reaper Leviathan. "-auuhhh… Ryley?"

Ryley stands frozen with fear in front of the steering wheel, he seemed to be looking directly at it. Its whole head was the size of the window, its whole body must be the size of the whole submarine. "Bart," he whispers, "rig for silent running."

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Bart slowly moves closer and hits the button on the controller panel. The interior lights dim down to red and the engine goes quiet, yet the Reaper doesn't move.

"Bart… I think this is the same one that got us earlier. I can tell, it's missing an eye that I remember taking out."

Bart feels shivers running down his spine. "I think you pissed him off. Don't worry, I think I have something that can help." Ryley turns his back to the monster and looks at what Bart is doing. "If I can get a few more silver, I can make a- where did it go?" Ricky seemed to have vanished from the window.

"Uh…" Ryley hoped to every god he could think of that it just left them alone, "Maybe he left?" Yet the Reapers roaring growing louder at an alarming rate led them to think otherwise. "Warning! Creature attack!"

"Out of the way, Robinson!" Bart shoves Ryley out of the piloting position and takes control of the submarine. Kicking it into full gear, turning on everything to fill speed ahead, he makes a break back home. The Reaper continues to follow them and viciously attack the submarine by slamming its head in its side.

"Hull integrity is getting low! We're being hunted by this thing! If we don't do something, it could tear this thing apart!" The Reapers mandibles puncture the hull directly next to Ryley's head, getting stuck and causing more breaches.

"Hold on to something, Ryley!" Bart spins the wheel around with all his strength, making the Cyclops slam into the side of the mountain with the Reaper in between. After dislodging itself from the hull, it swims back off into the ocean.

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Ryley takes deep breaths as he lays on the floor, adrenaline filled and disorientated. "You know," he breathlessly chuckles, "I don't think it likes us very much."

Bart had no words left. He was already exhausted, hungry and sick to his stomach. All he let out in response was an exasperated groan as he broke down, nearly at the point of tears, to the sea water soaked floor. "I should have stayed on the island…"


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