Spoilers Survival of 4546B -Chapter 28, Farewell and adieu

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Ryley and Bart make their way back down to the vehicle bay and make a new seamoth, no upgrades needed as they were only going to the island.

"Thank god Seamoths are easily replaceable," Ryley comments "Though I have a feeling this is just adding on to my debt."

"Too bad you don't have a way to track how much you owe." They hop onboard in the Seamoth to quickly make their way back to the island. Together, they carefully make their way down to the main control room of the quarantine enforcement platform. It's strange but while they walk through the building, it seems a lot smaller than they remember. Ryley walks up to the Energy Core with new confidence. Bart follows closely behind him as he attempts to push the button. Again, an alien technological machine that grabs his hand. The robotic tentacle with the needle at the end of it comes out of the core again and observes him.

Before it stabs his arm, Ryley jerks his arm to the side, making it miss. He does this twice after stopping to stick his tongue out at the mechanical device mockingly, to which it successfully stabs his arm. Ryley grits his teeth through the pain and takes his arm away. He furiously punches the button, it's way harder than it looks and he hurts his hand, Bart laughs at him. All the lights in the Platform shut off except for the light green led lights, giving the room a soft green glow. They exit the platform to see the tower angled down into the water, they deactivate the enforcement platform. Ryley felt accomplished as he turned to Bart to give him a nod.

Bart and Ryley enter their Seamoths and can’t shake the feeling they forgot something. “Bart?” Ryley speaks up but Bart beats him to it.

“Yeah, you don’t have to say it, I feel it too.” To ease their paranoia, they do a little more exploring, for old times sake. Not too far from the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, they come across a steep drop into the deep ocean. It looks like the edge of a giant cliff dropping into the endless abyss. “Oh god,” Bart exclaims “what do you think down there?”

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“Only one way to find out…” Slowly and carefully, Ryley pilots the Seamoth further into the empty void of the deep ocean.

<Warning, entering the ecological dead zone of the crater’s edge. Adding a report to databank.>

“Hold on. Ecological dead zone?” That didn’t sound good, Bart thought. An eel-like figure can barely be seen in front of them, it was massive, bigger than a Reaper. It makes a horrible scream, like a screwdriver running against a car. It was a Ghost Leviathan, but it was twice the size of the one they encountered in the lost river. The Seamoth takes a massive amount of damage as the Leviathan rams its head into it. Bart panics and grabs the wheel.

“This was a terrible idea!” They scream as they make their quick escape back to the safety of the crater.

“Oh,” Ryley reads off his PDA “So, apparently ‘The area on which the Aurora had crash-landed is a 2km by 2km crater of a dormant volcano.’ huh, I guess you were right. ‘The only lifeforms surrounding the crater are leviathans and things too small for the leviathans to see.’ Interesting…” Ryley pulls out his Stasis rifle.

“Uh…" Bart looks behind him to look at Ryley. "What are you doing?”

Ryley stands up, about to disembark the submersible. "What does it look like?"

Bart instantly knows what he's thinking about doing and pulls him back down. "No, NO! Absolutely not! I forbid it!"

Ryley puts the stasis rifle back down. "you're no fun."

They make their way back to the rocket, but before Ryley could climb up to the platform, something grabs his leg.

"Ryley, what's the holdup?"

Ryley looks behind him to see Terrence hugging his ankle. "Oh my god. Terrence, I'm sorry, you can't go with us." Terrence refuses to let go, he seems to fully understand what is happening.

Bart swims back down to see what was going on.

"Terrence, please, don't make this harder than it is." Ryley holds Terrence in his arms like a child, almost crying. "Bart, do we have to go? I know this place is dangerous and all but there's so much amazing stuff yet to explore!"

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"W-we could make like a laboratory here on the crater! Study the lifeforms, explore new areas!"


Ryley was seriously on the verge of tears, looking at Terrence then back to him. "Does it really have to be the end?"

Bart puts a hand on his shoulder. "As much as I love his planet's charm, we can't stay, you know that. I’m sorry, but it's just as hard for me as it is for you, Ryley. Think of it this way, this isn't necessarily the end of our adventure, but the beginning of a new one. That's always the case, isn't it?"

Ryley gives one last hug to Terrence before waving goodbye and following Bart up into the cockpit of the Neptune.

"All systems ready. Ready to launch on your synchronized commands."

Bart and Ryley look at each other in the cockpit seats and nod together. At the same time, they turn the keys and set the Neptune in motion.

"Launch in T- 10…9…8…"

"Ready, Bart?" Ryley puts on his helmet, watching Bart do the same.


“I’ve never been more ready.” Ryley and Bart exchange nods and a thumbs up.


The rocket launches from the platform into the atmosphere, the intense force of gravity shaking the rocket. They come upon a large amount of debris from the Sunbeam, Degasi, and Aurora that are stuck in orbit.

"Caution: Approaching debris field. Shield generator activating."

The shield activates and blocks the metal debris. A panel above Ryley loosens and looks like it's about to hit him on the head, just like what happened to him in his lifepod after the Aurora. He covers his face with his hands and braces for an impact but the panel falls to the ground.

"Orbital debris field cleared. Performing gravitational turn maneuver. Destination coordinates confirmed to the nearest interstellar phasegate."

Ryley and Bart look beside them out the window. From here, they can see an overview of the whole planet. Small and big islands cover the water planet’s surface. On the planet's north pole, they can see a large continent of nothing but ice.

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"Wow. I never thought I'd have a view like this. Can you believe how lucky we were to be the first to experience this planet up close?” Bart says in awe as they both start to feel weightless from lack of gravity.

"I can't believe it…" Ryley grabs Bart's hand as they look off into space. "We're finally going home."

"Engaging ion thrusters in 3… 2…1."

With a burst of energy, the Neptune rocket blasts off into the starry space. The rocket speeds away from the planet and starts its 20-space day journey to its set destination, Alterra HQ.

Cause: <Unexpected quarantine enforcement>, Survivors: <Bart Torgal>, Casualties: <Entire Degasi crew along with president Paul Torgal, one crew member unaccounted for>, Exact location: <2km x 2km dormant volcanic crater on planet 4546B>, Chance of rescue for survivors: <Mission successful>

The End…?


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