Spoilers Survival of 4546B -Post Story Chapter 2, New beginnings

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A rounded stage under a starlit sky shines brightly with the colors of blue, orange, and white. In the center of the stage, The President of Alterra gives a speech in front of a dark wooden lectern in front of a very, very large crowd of Alterra members.

"2 years ago we here at Alterra had lost something very important to us all. The Aurora search and rescue vesicle, scheduled to pass by a level 3 oceanic planet 4546B to build the phasegate and search and rescue the members of a Mongolian ship, The Degasi, had made an unexpected and unavoidable crash landing on the planet's surface. That day, I have announced to you all that no one has survived the crash. I was wrong. I had also announced that no one of the Degasi was still alive. I was also wrong in that sense." A holographic panel lights up behind him, showing a slideshow of pictures and scan data Ryley had taken on the planet.

"Out of the 150 people on board the Aurora, only one had miraculously survived the crash; non-essentials maintenance chief, Ryley Robinson. Using his wits and the alien resources on the planet, he managed to find the only Degasi survivor left, Bart Torgal. After curing a dangerous waterborne bacteria called the 'Kharaa', and encountering many dangerous Leviathan class predators, both Robinson and Torgal managed to escape the planet and return back to us after repaying a large portion of his debt. So, without further ado, will Ryley Robinson please come up on the stage?"

The crowd roars cheering as Ryley stands up and walks up to the stage in his bluish, black suit and tie. Bandages are wrapped around his arm from where he was bitten by that Leviathan so many months ago. It seems to be healing rather well now that it's been properly treated. He shakes hands with the president and stands in front of the lectern, lights from cameras flash from all over the crowd. Ryley nods directly at Bart, who gives a subtle nod right back at him.

He leans closer to the microphone. "Thank you, everyone. Never in my life did I think I would be here today, standing in front of you all, telling you I did the impossible. I have worked my whole life to be part of the Alterrian Corporation, and to be standing here at this moment is a dream come true."

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Ryley gives a big smile as he looks around the crowd. "Many people have asked me 'were you scared?' Absolutely, without a doubt. Being stranded on a planet light-years from the federation with the jaws of death lurking around every corner is a terrifying experience. Especially when you have to drag another person with you everywhere you go." The crowd chuckles.

"But then there's another question I get often, 'Do you regret going on the Aurora?' Not in a million years. I knew, the second I boarded that ship, there was a risk I wasn't going to come back the same, and I took that risk. I boarded the Aurora, I survived a deadly crash, I outsmarted multiple Leviathan class lifeforms, and I brought the Degasi back! Because when life tells you it’s impossible and when life tells you it can’t be done, you roll up your sleeves and get to work and prove to everyone else that no, it is not impossible! It can be done!" The crowd bursts in an uproar of cheers and applause. Bart, from deep within the crowd, gives Ryley a smile and a thumbs up. He must have seen because he smiles right back.

“Never in my 40 years of being president have I seen such dedication. Ryley Robinson, for your extreme bravery, unbreakable dedication to the company, and for your incredible ability to perform extreme tasks under pressure with the utmost courage, I am proud to give you the title of CTO.” The president takes out a small, red velvet box from the briefcase beside him. He opens it up and pulls out a golden pin with the words "Alterra" below the Alterrian triangle symbol with a small ring circling the symbol. The president pins it right in the middle of Ryley's tie on his suit. “Alterrians, I am proud to announce Ryley Robinson as the new Executive Chief of Technology and Engineering!”

The crowd cheers even louder as the president salutes him. Ryley smiles and seems on the verge of tears. He’s completely astounded, wondering if this is even real or not.

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“Great job, Ryley. Really great job.” Bart says under his breath.

“Thank you, all of you! For Alterra!”

“ALTERRA!” The crowd shouts after him. Ryley's face beams with pride and success.

Bart and Ryley walk and talk with each other down the streets of the space station city after everyone congratulates him on being the new chief. They both seem very happy being in each other’s company. They sit down on a bench that gives them the best view of the stars, light from the city reflecting off the glass dome that protects the space station from the not as pleasant space outside.

"Great speech back there, Ry. I expected nothing less."

"Thanks, Bart. Glad you were here for me." Ryley complies.

"So, how does it feel being promoted to a high ranking officer?"

"Feels pretty good. Still, I can't believe all this is happening. How about you?"

"Well, after the Torgal Corporation fell into shambles, I've been finding it difficult getting a job. Not to mention a lot of people still believe I'm deceased, so there’s that." Bart chuckles to himself.

"Yeah… Being a CTO means I have a lot of responsibilities, I don't know if I'm entirely ready. How will I know?" he asks.

"Well, my advice, trial, and error. You'll never know if something works if you don't do it to find out. So, basically the same stuff you and I have been doing those past 2 years on 4546B."

"True, very true. I plan to change a lot of things. Some small, like mandatory Prawn suit training, easier to enlist people, that kind of thing."

Bart sighs "Well, sounds like you have it all under control."

"Yup… Something bothering you?" Ryley asks as Bart seems to be lost in his own thoughts.

Bart looks away for a moment. "I'm… Just going to miss you is all. I mean, you're up there with the big guys now, we'll have to part ways… Right?"

Ryley pulls out some sheets of paper from a large portfolio and hands them to Bart. "Not necessarily."

"What's this?" Bart reads through the papers. To his surprise, it's an application form to be part of the Bioengineering research team for Alterra. "A… Job at Alterra?"

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"You know, I'm sure the corporation would gladly allow the son of President of the Mongolians Paul Torgal to be part of the company." Ryley smiles. "And you'll be doing the same thing you've told me you always wanted to do; researching by yourself. No college degree necessary. Not to mention we'll see each other a lot more. Well, what do you say?"

"I… I don't… I don't know what to say, other than… Where's a pen?"

Ryley laughs and hands him a pen. Bart writes down his name on the dotted line and hands it back to Ryley.

"Hey, look at that. I haven't seen a Starwal migration before."

“Yup, pretty rare. Their migration only happens once every 100 years.” Ryley tears up as Bart puts his arm around his shoulder and they look out at the horizon of space.



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