SpoilersNearing the end of my 2nd hardcore run attempt…

Content of the article: "SpoilersNearing the end of my 2nd hardcore run attempt…"

I like to read about other player's experiences so I figured I share mine.

I am about to enter the PCF on my 2nd attempt at a hardcore run on PS4. It's been absolutely great.

My first regular survival playthrough was something I'll never get back, I was able to avoid most spoilers and figure almost everything out on my own. Immediately entered my top 3 games of all time. I didn't want to stop playing so I started a hardcore run. It enjoyed the race to gear up having the knowledge gained from playing prior. I got to making the moonpool and had to go searching for the vehicle upgrade console so I could upgrade my seamoth. I found myself searching for silver in a creepvine forest cave. I got bit by a mesmer, accidentally touched a drooping stinger and in my panic, touched another drooping stinger – end of hardcore run 1.

Started my next attempt the following day. Mostly smooth running. I've been very cautious of potential glitch deaths, steering clear of unloaded terrain, wrecks and creatures. I didn't give the cave crawlers on the Aurora enough respect and almost blew it. I was trying to get everything out of the deep grand reef degasi base while almost dying of thirst and a warper kept teleporting me outside to get smacked by crabsquid. Finally got the orange tablet and ate a couple gel sacks to keep me alive until I could escape back home. I thought for sure I was toast when I left my cyclops by the cove tree, seaglided my way over to the disease research facility thinking there was an air pocket there. I hustled my way back, tapping the x button with a black screen, hoping I hit the cyclops boarding hatch. Got lucky there, I think my O2 was at -7 with death being at -9 or something.

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Assuming I get through the rest, I might go back to my last save on my regular survival world and complete the PDA. I've already scanned the hostile leviathans.


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