Story Time. (No spoilers)

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Hello r/subnautica, it’s time for a story. Today I finally built a cyclops. Rather splendid, it was. I spend a minute or so just putting around the shallows going “I’ve got a submarine!”. I get out and then come back, hovering just underneath the entrance. Just when I’m about to go in, the game glitches. I suddenly find myself and my sub flying high into the air, maybe 500 meters. I go sailing up over the Aurora, far to the other side of it. I finally splash down separate from my sub. Naturally i’m worried. Then my PDA give me a very soothing piece of intel. It informs me that I have entered the Ecological Dead Zone. Now I’ve heard tales of this place; a bleak, wretched land with naught but fell beasts to offer. I look and the description: it only supports bacteria and Leviathans. To quote Dorn: “Yay.” My previous experiences with leviathans counted of seeing a Reaper in the distance and running away. So I’m in a bit of a tight spot. My sub has splashed down approximately 500 meters from me. I consider reverting to the last save, but I’ve made too much progress and besides, 500 isn’t that far. I reach the sub, it’s 10 meters above the water, it then begins to sink rapidly. I make it inside and bring it to the surface. I’m currently in open ocean, far from my base in the shallows. Good news is it’s a straight shot back. So I put it on standard speed and make for the safety of familiar waters. I’m constantly checking my sonar display. Suddenly a yellow blip appears, immediately turns red. It’s on top of me before I can really react. THIS MASSIVE BLUE THING LEAPS OUT OF THE WATER AND BROADSIDES MY SUBMARINE, launching me at least 50 meters laterally and punting my sub out of the water. I see it as it goes past; it’s at least thrice the length of the Cyclops, more likely 200 meters. I slam the sub into flank to get out of there. It gives chase. I see it closing in on the sonar display. Second ring, first ring BANG. It rams the aft of my boat. Fortunately, this provided me with enough speed to keep my lead on it and outrun it. I suspect I only did so because it lost interest. Now, this confrontation had caused major damage. A full third of the hull integrity was gone, and in my desperate bid to outrun the beast my engine had caught fire. Now that I’m momentarily safe I put out the fire then continue. My boat is leaking like a sponge, but it’s not safe to attempt repairs. I must get away from that area. Soon after I make it to the area behind the Aurora. I know there are reapers here. I make it halfway across before I encounter one. I attempt to go unnoticed, but I was not yet familiar with how to do so. The blip turns red and I get rammed again. I lose a good bit of hull integrity, but I outrun it at flank speed. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I make it back to the shallows and effect repairs. I am still in awe at the size of what attacked me. Due to the shape and coloration, I’m rather certain what I encountered was the Ghost Leviathan people whisper about. Bloody thing hits like a depth charge. Thank you, Alterra, for not providing me with Mk14s.

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