Subnautica Bioreactor Fuel List

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SizePower/Unit# Units PossiblePower/Square (Approx.)Power/Load
Acid Mushroom1210162103360
Acid Mushroom Spore1211621336
Blood Oil442041051680
Blue Palm Seed470418280
Bulb Bush Sample442041051680
Cave Bush Seed470418280
Creepvine Sample4210453840
Creepvine Seed Cluster470418280
Deep Shroom1210162103360
Deep Shroom Spore1211621336
Eyes Plant Seed470418280
Furled Papyrus Seed470418280
Gabe’s Feather Seed470418280
Gel Sack1245162453920
Gel Sack Seed17167112
Ghost Weed Seed470418280
Jellyshroom Spore4140435560
Membrain Tree Seed470418280
Pygmy Fan Seed1281628448
Redwort Seed470418280
Regress Shell Seed470418280
Rogue Cradle Seed470418280
Sea Crown Seed470418280
Spotted Dockleaf Seed470418280
Tiger Plant Seed470418280
Veined Nettle Seed1211621336
Violet Beau Seed470418280
Writhing Weed Seed1140161402240
Bulbo Tree Sample442041051680
Chinese Potato4140435560
Fern Palm Seed470418280
Grub Basket Seed4105426420
Jaffa Cup Seed4140435560
Lantern Fruit4210453840
Marblemelon Seeds17016701120
Small Marblemelon1280162804480
Ming Plant Seed4140435560
Pink Cap1105161051680
Pink Cap Spore1141614224
Speckled Rattler1140161402240
Speckled Rattler Spore1141614224
Voxel Shrub Seed1281628448
Coral Tube Sample17016701120
Fungal Sample17016701120
Purple Brain Coral Sample470418280
Table Coral Sample470418280
Shocker Egg42594651036
Bone Shark Egg4210453840
Crabsnake Egg4231458924
Crabsquid Egg42594651036
Crashfish Egg1189161893024
Cuddlefish Egg1210162103360
Gasopod Egg4231458924
Jellyray Egg4119430476
Lava Lizard Egg4189447756
Mesmer Egg1175161752800
Rabbit Ray Egg1140161402240
Reefback Egg9280131280
Sand Shark Egg4210453840
Shuttlebug Egg1105161051680
Spadefish Egg1140161402240
Stalker Egg4105426420
Bone Shark9630170630
Lava Boomerang1280162804480
Lava Eyeye1420164206720
Lava Lizard9560162560
Rabbit Ray442041051680
Sand Shark9630170630
Sea Treader Feces43004751200
Stalker Tooth17016701120

Bioreactor Fuels Statistics

So I just built a bioreactor for the first time today. To say that the experience was underwhelming would be an understatement. I was constantly running out of power, and had to refill the stupid thing every couple of minutes. In addition, the recharge rate is abysmal. I assumed that I was just using a poor fuel, so I created a new world with a testing facility. Here are the results for several different types of fuel:

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Fuel Stats


  • Regardless of fuel type, a bioreactor will only output one power every 12 seconds (or 0.0833 p/s). Putting more stuff into the reactor does not change this, it only makes the reactor run longer. To get more power/sec, you need to construct additional pylons bioreactors. As far as I can tell, it would take somewhere from 10-15 bioreactors to run a single water filtration machine non-stop.
  • If you want to use a bioreactor setup, do not feed it with plant matter unless you enjoy constantly micromanaging your power systems. Reginald is the best input that I have seen so far.
  • If you really want renewable energy, your best bet is to build a thermal plant or solar farm and then use power transmitters.

Let me know if I’m missing something that makes the bioreactors great, but in their current state, they are far too underpowered for my taste.

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