Subnautica BZ Thoughts.

I fucking love Subnautica, ive beaten the main game about 5 times and i need more, so thats why i bought below zero!

But immediately when i got into the game was that there were WAYYY more minerals than it felt like in Main game, like everywhere i looked there were limestone outcrops and it was no longer a challenge to gather ore (some people like this, i dont).

Second is that there are virtually no wrecks. Ive explored the safe shallows and the biomes around it fully and there are no wrecks, sure you may say that the supply drops are a replacement for this, but where is the fun in that?

Isnt the point of subnautica exploring and getting rewarded for doing so? This is just skipped with a beacon thats like "uh just go here for some stuff ;)" and if you are saying the land monuments are like the wrecks the land monuments in my opinion are incredibly boring and are not interesting at all to explore. Also with no Wrecks it makes it super hard to find fragments for vehicles and tools.

Next is the precursor stuff, you find this gigantic wire and you have no idea where it goes to! So you follow the line to see that one end got chewed off, what could have done this? So you go to the other side and see it goes down into the water, then it connects to a generator! … thats it. I mean sure you get some ion cubes but are you are going to leave me with all of this suspense for some cubes i cant use right now?

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Next are the leviathans, Personally i think that they hit the nail on the head with some of them, like the Glow Whale, the Iceworm, and the Squidshark because Squidsharks are leviathans and you cannot convince me otherwise. However the Chelicerate, Void Chelicerate, and Shadow leviathans are not scary at all to me.

The chelicerate just looks super cute with its eyes and i hope a plush comes with it in the future, The Void Chelicerates are the lamest things ive seen in the game, why not bring back the Ghost Leviathans? They are 50x scarier and dont look like they want to know your opinions on god.

Meanwhile the Shadow Leviathan was the one i was most excited for, sure the Ice Worm was the new meanie but the Shadow Leviathan looked like he was going to be the next Reaper, The Leviathan you hear ghost stories about from your friends at the campfire, and you see his concept art and you see a horrifying leviathan that make it so when you see it in the wild it makes sure you wont come back. A Leviathan with no eyes and basically crab claws to grab your seamoth meanwhile staying silent during the process. Now in the game they gave it these giant red eyes that make it look cute. Like come on lol, i want something to stress about in this game! With no reapers and no ghosts what am i supposed to be afraid of? Rock punchers?

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(TL;DR) Though im still new to this new game i dont know what i am missing. Any tips on what to do since this game is super confusing compared to the first game?


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