Theories about the possible story of a 3rd Subnautica game SPOILERS

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We know that Subnautica can also be incredible as a trilogy because of the potential it has. Im saying this because I’ve been brainstorming about the possible story of a third Subnautica game that can coincide with the original game, Below Zero, the lore, and also Natural Selection II. As Subnautica Below Zero tells us, there is a crash landed human spaceship that belonged to the Sol Transgovernment in the Purple Vents called the Mercury II, which is presumed to be 30 to 100 years old. What I can infer is that there is the possibility of survivors that managed to find a way to get to one of the islands you can see while living the planet in the original Subnautica. These islands can be in sectors that have fauna and enzyme 42 providers such as the Peepers to preserve the environment, such as in the Crater and in Sector Zero. If there were survivors what if they started to generate radio signals in one of the islands fulfilled with alien bases and sanctuaries that can be distressed by Al-An in order to make Robin Ayou and Marguerite Maida arrive there to make contact with the survivors to start a mission that can define the fate of humanity. I am saying fate of humanity because I would like experience a point where Natural Selection II gets connected with Subnautica. The precursors discovered the Kharaa Bacterium by exploring and unknown planet, and then later went to 4545B to find a cure after their civilization have been whipped up. In Natural Slection II, the aliens were called Kharaa while they were discovered in the Ariadne-Arm, which is the place where planet 4546B is located. I can assume from this that Natural Selection II happens after the events of Subnautica, while the Precursors were exploring the planet where the Kharaa Bacterium was created by the Kharaa aliens from Natural Selection II. It is stated that the Kharaa aliens were discovered on the Ariadne-Arm because 4546B is the place where the Precursors started to find the cure and they’re signal have been distressed for years until they’re race was fully extinct, and later when Robin Ayou and Marguerite Maida arrive to the island where the survivors of the Mercury II were located, the Kharaa aliens such as the Gorges start to attack humanity.

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It would be cool if the protagonist of the 3rd game was Bart Torgal’s younger brother, and what he could do is to arrive to that sector where the colonized mysterious island is located as part of a secret mission with Robin Ayou, Marguerite Maida, and the survivors of the Mercury II spaceship. The mission would be to find an alien structure (not from the Precursors but from the Kharaa aliens where the main protagonist of the third game receives Ryley Robinson (the protagonist from the original game) in a cryogenic sleeping pod. After Ryley Robinson wakes up, he tells the game’s protagonist that the Kharaa aliens started to attack humanity in order to make them die, which is when the events of Natural Slection II take place and when the Marines start to protect citizens. If you are doubtful about Ryley Robinson appearing in the 3rd game, this is because he may have been captured by the Kharaa aliens from Natural Selection II while he was using the Neptune Escape Rocket in the first game because we don’t know if the debt that he had to pay at the end was something true.

What are your opinions about this theory?


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