there has never been a tale of such woe as that of Juliet and that asshole Susan.

So I, having just gotten the prawn suit was looking for the last fragment of the Spider-Man arm. Having thoroughly searched the the mushroom forests and wrecks in the blood kelp trench, Bulb zone, and even the DUNES, I went down to the grand reef to try and find the fragment. I am just going around in my prawn suit with my cyclops nearby. I'm exploring and minding my own business when I hear something bone-chilling. The only scarier sounds in subnautica are the sound of the reaper leviathon and the first time you hear a reefback noise while you don't know what it is. I look up and all i see is an icy translucent blue face. I freeze for a moment and then as if my realization had triggered it, IT SEES ME. This is the moment where I shat my pants. I panic for a couple moments and try to flee but believe it or not the the giant ghost snake asshole is faster than my Prawn suit. I jump out of my prawn suit and start swimming for it. I, still swimming sideways, pull out my stasis rifle and idiotically swim towards the thing. I swim at it, charging up my rifle, heart beating out of my ass. I think "don't fire until you can see the whites of their eyes." Then I get closer and think, "wait shit they don't have whites. FIIIIREEE" I unleashed a barrage of shots from my rifle which was kind of stupid considering you can't have more than one stasis sphere active at one time. I then got it with one further charged up shot and darted to my Prawn suit. I run towards my cyclops reaching the edge of a cliff and jump of the edge, trying to reach the cyclops and then I realize that it's too far to jump to. I then abandon the Prawn suit and make another shot at the leviathon with my stasis rifle. I then make the decision that the only thing that I could do is flee to the surface. I make it to fresh air with moments to spare and then I see an island. I swim up the edge of the island and then left for dinner. How will this story end? What am I going to do? Is my Prawn suit lost to the world? The answers to this and more on next episode of AH SHIT THERE'S A LEVIATHON.

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