Thinking of Bart Torgal’s Story Got Me Thinking About Game Mechanics for Below Zero, and the Possibility of Habitat Objects Interacting with Each Other Synergistically

Firstly, I want to clarify that I have not touched or heard or seen almost anything about Below Zero, so I apologize if this has already been given attention.

So, back to the post, I was thinking of when the Degasi survivors – Bart, Bart's Dad, and Mercenary Lady – were first struggling to decide how to survive, mostly because their crops would not grow at a quick enough rate to supply enough food for them to survive. This eventual slow death by starvation seemed to me to be their primary motivation for going deeper into the dark scary depths of the planet to find another way to survive.

Later in the game, it seemed to me that farming marblemelons are enough to keep you alive, as long as you remember to harvest seeds from one melon, and replant them. This is possible with the indoor growbed. Even putting one indoor growbed onto the Cyclops seems to be enough to sustain a single person's needs. My problem was when I realized that Bart & co. also had access to an indoor growbed. I assume that scaling up to three indoor growbeds to sustain themselves should have worked.

Perhaps their circumstances were different? If so, how?

These questions, I think, could potentially open up for some new gameplay mechanics in Below Zero. Perhaps they needed to research more of the surrounding lifeforms to optimize fertilizer composition to accelerate food growth (could be an interesting way to gate game stages). Perhaps they needed to research and develop a greenhouse that gives a boost to growth rates. Perhaps they can RnD a sprinkler system to deliver water at optimum times and concentrations etc to boost growth rates.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that in Subnautica, it seems like gameplay is "you either found it, got it, or you don't." Perhaps this could be developed slightly further to enhance what we find? A basic grower with a high yield crop vs. an upgraded grower with a low-mid tier yield crop?

It would be really cool to see some sort of implementation of synergistic effects from the stuff that we build. The vehicles we build in Subnautica already have mods that we can make to increase their performance, but that also feels to me to a bit too much like "you built it or you didn't."

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that having the game be gated by a resource, but give the player multiple ways of achieving said requirement.

I really apologize for not organizing my thoughts better on this haha. I recently finished a playthrough and was just excited about it, and missing it, and had this thought, and wanted to share. Just want to also shoutout to the devs and thank them (and all you playtesters too – you guys help make a polished game for people like me who like to stay blind for the final product) for all the hard work they do 🙂


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