War on the Safe Shallows

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If you have seen my last post of my two pet stalkers, you’ve might’ve seen me mention how three Ampeels recently followed me, this is about that and the war they’ve brought upon the safe shallows with another pack of Stalkers and Gasopods

This all first started when I took the Cyclops with the Prawn suit to the Koosh Zone (Bulb Zone) to harvest a lot of titanium, however the game tends to make the Ampeels spawn outside their biome as I’m leaving, and this was the worst case yet.

I got back to my base ready to use the titanium I got when I realized that the lights where out, I knew that there was a hole in the base. My question though, how was there a hole in my base in the Safe Shallows?

I got outside of my base to harvest the outdoor plants, then I saw it. A pack of Gasopods and Stalkers were fighting a pack of Ampeels! I decide to wait it out and hope the Ampeels despawn, but even 3 days after, they were still fighting, and the Ampeels were winning, they killed a Stalker and some surrounding fish, but it was not over

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A few days later I learn how to weaponize Gas Pods with the Propulsion Cannon, I collect a few and go to the battle, but as I get ready to fire, the fight stops, then I see a dead Rabbit Ray and two Ampeels float down, lifeless. Two

A third one was still on the loose but it was no where to be seen, so I move on.

I was feeding my two Stalkers, but as I go back I see the Ampeel on the small hill. I go back to my base and get my Propulsion Cannon, but when I got back, it was gone. I then decided that the Ampeel will no longer hurt the environment anymore!

I fill my inventory with Gas Pods and look around for it, I search high and low for it, then I saw another battle between two Gasopods, two Stalkers, and the Ampeel, and this time I join. I start shooting Gas Pods at it from my inventory or my surroundings, straight at the Ampeel in an attempt to kill it.

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As I get ready to shoot one more, the gas clears. Two Gasopods, two unlucky Rabbit Rays, a Stalker, and the Ampeel all float down. They all died from the fight, but the Ampeel was no more.

Only one Stalker survived and it just simply left, probably weak from the fight, but the Ampeels where now gone and the War was now over.


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