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A Really “Dumb” Idea for Freeing Melee

Content of the article: "A Really “Dumb” Idea for Freeing Melee"

This is a joke. Unless you think it might actually work, in which case it's not and I encourage you to pursue it. But it's probably a joke, one I hope brightens a few days.

I have been thinking about how best to save Melee and get out from under Nintendo's thumb.
Emulation / modding are red herrings to the question of whether or not we get to run and stream melee tournaments – even if they are the reasoning for Nintendo's latest antagonism. Ultimately, Nintendo has the power to shut down a tourney stream of one of their games for any reason, without any recourse to override them. We are totally at their whim even with legit copies of the game on legit Gamecubes.

Except for one situation: fair use. Nintendo cannot stop us from broadcasting video of their games for the purpose of criticism, satire, etc. So here's the plan: we make all our Melee majors satirical, giant parodies of Nintendo's incompetence and cruelty to our community. The Big House becomes "Dumb Big House" – we mod the game to have some goofy textures dunking on Nintendo (only on stream, so as not to mess with the players), have the commentators constantly make satirical and critical remarks about the game and this situation, and just don't disclose any prize money. This is, after all, merely a satirical / critical performance that is targeted against Nintendo's work; not really a tournament, not just 'playing the game' on stream- it's all intentional critique. Under fair use, they cannot Cease and Desist us: we have a right to free speech that includes a right to using copyrighted materials toward the end of critique and satire. And that's what we are doing at the Dumb Big House! No branding has been stolen, no money is being made, no piracy is being committed, and even a big corporation has no case to shut down a parody of its work that is not slanderous.

If we turn the Melee circuit into the Dumb Melee Circuit, "Dumb Smash World Tour," etc, the big N has no leg to stand on. We can parody them and their IP-obsession all day long and they can do nothing to stop us.

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(Yes, I was obviously inspired by Nathan for You. X-post from r/SSBM)


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