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Amy Rose Smash Moveset

Sonic the Hedgehog’s number 1 fan girl, Amy Rose!

After getting into trouble when she chose to explore the mysterious Little Planet, where her tarot cards predicted that she would have a fateful encounter. She was saved by none other than the Blue Blur, Sonic the Hedgehog. And from that day onward, she was convinced that Sonic was the only one for her and dedicated her life to following him to the ends of the earth, both figuratively and VERY literally. She’s obsessed with the hedgehog to an unnecessary degree, forcing marriage, getting involved in danger and even mistaking people that seem to have some semblance to Sonic (Like, Amy, you’re 12, stop it, reel it in)! But now, she comes to drop the hammer and shows her passion in the world of Super Smash Bros. So to get things started, since Amy Rose has chased Sonic for nearly her entire life, she’s pretty fast, not as fast as the other fighters like Mythra or Rosalina but it’s still fast, Amy herself is a featherweight fighter (Around the weight value of Bayonetta), she has two floaty jumps and is able to wall jump.

Basic Attacks

Starting off with her jab, it's a 3-hit jab that has her do a quick jab in the form of the Girl Jab, a straight punch in the form of the Girl Straight and an uppercut in the form of the Girl Upper. Her dash attack is the first of her many attacks that has her use the Piko Piko Hammer, performing the Hammer Jump! She pulls out the hammer and slams it onto the ground with so much force that Amy catapults into the air, this attack is fairly strong but the major part of it is that it allows for Amy to get into her airgame in an instant, however, if the attack is blocked, then she’ll not only not perform the jump, but she’s very much open for punishment from the end lag. Her side tilt has her do the Hammer Attack, swinging her hammer forward from high to low, this deals big damage but is rather slow on recovery; her up tilt has her do the Hop Jump, slightly hopping and fistbumping the air, the hitbox of this attack is small but it can allow for her to dodge lower attacks, and the down tilt has her do the Head Slide from Sonic Advance, sliding forwards on her belly with her head and hands at the front of the attack, she slides a fair distance and foes hit by it will be popped into the air.

For her side smash, she makes use of the upgraded version of the Piko Piko Hammer, the Long Hammer from Sonic Adventure, performing the Big Hammer Attack! She pulls out the hammer and swings it overhead from back to front, slamming it into the ground. This has great range and massive power but the main drawback is that it has a lot of end lag, so missing is going to be detrimental. Her up smash has her use the Humming Top from Sonic Advance 2, with Amy hoping into the air and spinning in a tornado-like fashion, much like Olimar’s up tilt, dealing multiple hits of damage before launching foes with the final hit, and her down smash has her use the Swinging Hammer Attack from Sonic Heroes, pulling out the hammer and spins it around, damaging all enemies within range, this is incredibly powerful but much like with her side smash, it has dismal end lag.

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For her N-air, she does the spin attack, where she curls up into a ball and spins multiple times erratically, much like with Sonic’s N-air, dealing multiple hits of damage before launching with the final hit; her F-air has her do the Jump Attack from Sonic Adventure, swinging her hammer in front of herself, this can also hit foes below her but it acts as a sourspot and it’s capable of spiking foes if it sweetspots; her B-air has her do the Girl Bomber from Sonic Battle, launching herself backwards and hitting foes with her rear, it has lackluster range but it comes out fast; her U-air has her do the Back Star from Sonic Advance 2, performing a backflip kick overhead from front to back, better used for combo strings, and her D-air has her do the Hammer Whirl, swirling her hammer around and falling straight downward to hit any target below her, in fact, if she hits a foe or the ground with the attack, she will bounce higher into the air, much like with Greninja and Simon’s D-air.


Amy grabs with both arms and pummels by stepping on the foes’ foot. Her forward throw has her smack the foe forwards with a horizontal swing from her hammer, referencing the animation of the Fastball attack from Sonic Chronicles; her back throw has her perform the Vaulting Horse attack from Sonic the Fighters, climbing up on the foe and then jump off of them, bouncing the foe into the air backwards but also propelling Amy forwards in the air; her up throw has her use the Girl Swing, swinging the hammer upwards similar to a golf swing, knocking enemies up into the air and her down throw has her use the Magical Hammer from Sonic the Fighters, slamming on the foes’ head to bury them.

Special Attacks

For Amy’s neutral special, she makes use of her prominent attack of conjuring winds of love and power, performing the Tornado Hammer. We have seen multiple iterations of this attack, with the earliest being in Sonic Battle in the form of the Pink Typhoon, and that’s mainly what the appearance is deriving from. The Tornado itself is very slow and always sends the foe in an upwards angle, much like Mii Swordfighter’s Gale Strike. The main benefit to the Tornado Hammer is that despite it being slow, it has the special trait of dealing lots of shield damage to the point of it breaking if used early.

Her side special has her use her variation of the Spin Dash, the Amy Dash from Sonic Advance 2! This was a move that essentially acted as a combination of the Spin Dash and the Super Peel Out from Sonic CD, Amy builds up speed by running in one spot and then shoots off forward with a high-speed dash. You can rev it up by holding it down, and when it’s fully charged, Amy herself can deal okay damage but great knockback to any foe. And if you jump out of the dash, she can immediately cancel into her aerials, just like with Sonic’s Spin Dash.

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Next, for Amy’s up special, she performs the Mid-Air Hammer Jump from Sonic Advance 3! Amy pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer and performs the Jump Attack, however, once she brings her hammer down in front of her, she will launch herself higher into the air. This can allow for Amy some nifty vertical recovery, comparable to that of Sm4sh Yoshi’s High Jump, and this is one of the few moves that does not put her into freefall but you can’t use it again until you touch the ground.

And finally, for Amy’s down special, this is going to be her Revolving Hammer Attack from Sonic Adventure! Holding down the special button has Amy stay in one spot and begins twirling around with her Piko Piko Hammer outstretched at high speeds like a spinning top. This can be held out for 5 seconds but if you hold it out for too long, she gets dizzy and gets into a very much punishable amount of end lag, and the attack radius is rather small, and since she cannot move while spinning, it’s a move that requires some big brain plays. But, if you use the move while you’re in the air, the move then becomes the Propellor Hammer! This allows for Amy to slowly float upwards and move left and right, unlike Donkey Kong’s up special, this does however put you into freefall if used for too long.

Overall, Amy Rose is quite the interesting oddball of a glass cannon, with moves that generally have a lot of power while other moves allowing for extra means for mobility, she may not be THE fastest like Shadow or THE most powerful like Knuckles, but the balance of power and speed can allow for her foes to be the next victim of Hedgehog Hammer. If you mess with her, then you will never not feel sorry for the Blue Blur ever again.

Final Smash: Flower Festival

For Amy Rose’s Final Smash, she calls upon the aid of Cream the Rabbit (& Cheese the Chao) and Big the Cat, as they join together to perform their Team Blast, the Flower Festival! Big and Cheese both appear onto the stage as Amy and Cheese both curl into balls, Big bounces around on the top of his umbrella while he is twirling it. Amy lands and balances on top of Big's umbrella while joining hands with Cream standing upside-down as they both pose while Big lifts up his umbrella and dances as high as possible and strikes a pose as well. As Cheese then circles around them, the group releases an explosion of flowers, dealing massive damage and knockback to any foe that gets caught in their vicinity. Afterwards, Cream and Big both leave the stage for Amy to resume the fight. And just like in the original, Amy gains a temporary invincibility after the Final Smash.


For colors, I didn’t even need to put in a lot of thinking for original alts so I had barely any trouble. Her first alt, gives her a green and orange dress with blue shoes, a direct reference to her appearance in Sonic CD up until Sonic R; her second alt gives her a mostly black color scheme, referencing the Goth Amy costume from Sonic Runners (I did not think she’d go through her emo phase…); her third alt gives her a cyan color scheme, referencing her alternate reality doppelgänger in the World of Camelot, Nimue; her fourth alt gives a cream colored scheme, referencing her close friend who she looks up to as the little sister, Cream the Rabbit; her fifth alt gives her a violet color scheme, referencing her close friend who she looks up to as the big brother, Big the Cat; her sixth alt gives her a lavender color scheme, referencing her friend from another dimension, Blaze the Cat and her final alt is an alternate costume, her attire in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

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For her stage intro, Amy walks into the stage while looking around, as if she was looking for Sonic only to just wander onto the battlefield. For taunts, her first has her bop left and right while saying “I wonder where Sonic is.”, a common animation that’s seen in the majority of Sonic games; her second has her twirl around then pose, her start-up animation in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, during this she says “Not gonna hold back!” and her final has her tap her feet then brandishes her hair as she readies herself, her start-up animation in Sonic Advance 2, during which she says “It’s my turn now!”

And finally, for victory animations, the first has her spin with her hammer then throw it into the air and catch it, ending it off by doing a peace sign, a combination reference to her victory animations from Sonic Advance 2 & 3, during which she says “That’s right! I’m the best!”; her second has her spin around and blows a kiss, her victory animation from Sonic Adventure, during which she says “Yay! I rock!” and her final has her alongside Cream and Big as they all pose in the same victory animation from Sonic Heroes, during which Amy says “We’re like awesome!”

And that does it for Amy Rose in Smash Bros (I'm a poet, and I didn't know that)! Was I a little late for the party with all the talk of Dr. Eggman? I figured "Eh, might as well try someone else in the Sonic franchise cause why the heck not." I'm not too impressed by my render for Amy Rose, I thought it look a little off but I don't know, I guess it's personal preference. I imagine Amy would be nothing but a ton of fun to play with and I imagine it would be rather neat having another hammer wielder. Anywho, if you have any questions on the moveset, leave 'em down below on the comment section, now if you'll excuse me, I gotta awaken my full passion on my spinoff fangame!


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