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An idea after all the DLC are out

Content of the article: "An idea after all the DLC are out"

I've had this idea that's going through my head for a while and I feel it would greatly benefit the community if Sakurai did this.

Ive been picturing that after Sakurai showcases the final DLC character and shows us the new stage and Mii costumes, he then translations away from the showcases and announce a new feature on the Nintendo website exclusive to Smash Bros: A Balance Patch Wishlist

Heres what I had in mind: you go onto the feature in the website and it shows you a list of all the current characters in Ultimate (excluding the showcased DLC he just showed because it wasnt out yet) and on this wishlist, you can choose up five characters you want buffed and for each of the five characters, there's a choice of five things about said character. You can choose what move (such as neutral aerial, forward special, etc.) And next to that choice list is another choice list of what you want about that move you want buffed such as damage, knockback, angle or hitbox. Next to that box is a choice of either decrease, increase or change (for angles). Next to that is an optional text box where you can add in anything specific. All of this for five moves for five characters, giving you a total of 25 votes to submit. However, once you submit your votes, you can't vote again until the next Wishlist Patch comes around. The only requirement for all of this is that you have to have a Nintendo Account.

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Where do the votes go you (probably don't) ask? Well, Nintendo would have a database built for this where it can show them what the most highly requested characters are voted and what moves the majority want buffed. Essentially giving the devs a more direct way to give the community what they want as opposed to waiting for lightning to strike a tire in the middle of the desert on the blood moon of every half year for your character to get the buffs they need (or in the case of one of my mains, ANY BUFFS AT ALL!!!)

I'm alreadqy expecting all of you thinking this is a bad idea because the community will just mass sworm top tier character choices to give them buffs they don't need or deserve. However, I argue this idea is polarizing because yes people could abuse this to make top tiers more broken but I argue that a lot of people are vocal about certain characters that they feel desperately need buffs to help them catch up. Overall I think this idea is a double-edged sword, but I think the community would benefit from this.


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