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Black Mage Smash Moveset

The classic sorcerers of dark magic, the Black Mage!

Black Mages are one of the most prominent job classes of all of Final Fantasy, they always follow the role of dealing magical firepower, with some addition to making status ailments to their foes. Black Mages are among the most recognized symbols in the Final Fantasy series, alongside Chocobos, Moogles, Cloud Strife and every single person named “Cid”. And now, they finally get to show their apocalyptic powers in the world of Smash. So for starters, the Black Mage is a featherweight fighter (about the weight value of Rosalina), it has two jumps and has no additional movement options.

Basic Attacks

For Black Mage’s jab, it has a two-hit jab that has it swing it’s staff, from left to right. It’s dash attack has it do a high-to-low powerful swing with it’s staff, this dash attack, despite its lack of damage output, actually has a lot of knockback, as if it’s using the ability Focus. Its side tilt has it swing its staff from high to low, similarly to Isabelle’s jab. Its up tilt has it swirl its staff above itself, similar to Villager’s up tilt. And its down tilt has it poke with its staff, very much like Marth and Lucina’s down tilt.

For its side smash, it brings out a dagger and swings it from back to front, this has very pitiful range but it has decent damage and knockback and has some fast frame data. Its up smash is the first to make use of its Black Magic and has it make use of the black magic spell Aero, creating a twister of wind on the tip of the staff as it holds it up high, this attack deals multiple hits of damage before launching foes with the final hit. And the down smash has it casts a field of darkness beneath the Black Mage's feet and unleashes spikes that strike around the Mage, as if it was using the magic spell, Shade.

For its N-air, it creates a dark sphere around itself which deals damage once, this attack is unique as it has the capability of spiking foes if it sweetspots, as if its using the magic spell, Gravity. Its F-air has it summon a blue orb of flame that deals multiple hits of damage before launching foes with the final hit, this has a bit of disjoint but it has some mild start lag, as if its using the black magic spell Ardor from Final Fantasy 12. The B-air has it turn around and swing it’s dagger from back to front. Its U-air has it fire a small beam of darkness from its finger, as if its using the black magic spell Dark, this has some good disjoint, but is only really good for hitting foes directly above it and the D-air has it swing its dagger from left to right, this has the capability of only semi-spiking foes.

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The Black Mage grabs with one arm and pummels by shanking the foe with its dagger (You know saying that does sound really bad for the foes just to get shanked… oof). Its forward throw has it shove the foe away from itself with a quick push, its back throw has it simply toss the foe backwards, its up throw has it knock the foe upwards with its dagger, swinging from low to high and the down throw has it slam the foe into the ground then follow up with a stab with its dagger, bouncing the foe into the air.

Special Attacks

For the special attacks, these are all going to make full use of its black magic.

For the Black Mage’s neutral special, it uses the most classic of magic spells, Fire. It’s a simple basic projectile that has Black Mage fire a fireball projectile straight forwards. However, there is more to this attack. Holding down the special button for 1 second has it cast the spell, Fira. It’s the same as fire but larger and stronger. If you hold it down for 3 seconds, it instead casts Firaga. Being much larger and more powerful than fire and now having the capability of being aimed diagonally up or down. And finally, if you hold it down for 5 seconds, it unleashes Firaja. This special is deadly, rivalling even the likes of Sephiroth’s Gigaflare, it’s ridiculously strong in knockback and can very easily KO at low percents. But there is one fatal flaw with this special (as well as for the other special, with the exception of up special), if you fully charge and perform the special, you’ll be unable to perform that special again (with the exception of up special) for up to 15 seconds. This is definitely a move that should be used wisely and carefully.

Its side special has it use the magic spell, Thunder. This has it snap a small beam of lightning that travels about the same distance as the first platform of Battlefield, it comes out quick but the duration of the attack is also extremely short. Holding it for 1 second has it use Thundara, now travelling the range of half of FD and the duration being slightly better. Holding it down for 3 seconds has it use Thundaga, which has the range of the entire of Final Destination and now deals multiple hits of damage before launching foes with the final hit, and holding it down for 5 seconds has it unleash Thundaja, the range is now practically indefinite, having the same range as Byleth’s fully charged Failnaught, they’re much more powerful in damage, it comes out extremely quickly and lasts much longer but that’s about it, this does not deal much knockback, even at high percents, and like with the neutral special, if fully charged, it has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

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Next for its up special, it has it use the magic spell, Warp. This is a simple teleport move that has Black Mage vanish and in a burst of magic reappear in another location based on controller input. This teleport will deal damage but only when the mage reappears.

And finally, for the down special, it has it use the magic spell, Blizzard, the Black Mage creates spikes of ice from both sides of itself, this is the only spell that is only really capable of hitting at ground level, so foes can easily jump over it. That said, holding it down for 1 second has it use Blizzara, with the spikes being slightly taller than Blizzard. Holding it down for 3 seconds has it use Blizzaga, with the spikes being taller and now has the capability of freezing foes. And holding it for 5 seconds has it unleash Blizzaja, which has it unleash larger spikes that are about as high as the mage which deals great damage and knockback on top of freezing foes. Again, if fully charged, it has a cooldown of 15 seconds when used.

Final Smash: Meteor

For the Black Mage’s Final Smash, it uses its most powerful black magic spell, Meteor! Black Mage causes a large rune circle to expand beneath them, with Black Mage summoning a giant meteor from above the skies as it comes crashing down to the battlefield, unleashing a massive explosion at the point of impact. This is deadly and will more often than not, KO foes at low percents.


For colors, I thought of something rather interesting. Since the Black Mage is often a job and a race, I decided that the alts can make reference to other Black Mages or those that have some mastery in Black Mage. The default has the Black Mage in their classic appearance in the original Final Fantasy trilogy. Its first alt has it in a red robe, in reference to an alternate color of the Black Mage in Mario Sports Mix, as well as the Red Mages; Its second alt has it in a black robe and hat, in reference to Lulu, a Black Mage in Final Fantasy 10; its third alt has it in green robe and hat, in reference to Rydia, a Black Mage in Final Fantasy 4; its fourth alt has it in a white robe and hat, in reference to Y’shtola Rhul, a Black Mage in Final Fantasy 14; its fifth alt has it in a dark green robe and yellow hat, in reference to Shantotto, a Black Mage from Final Fantasy 11; its sixth alt has it in a white robe and red hat, a direct reference to the Moogles and its final alt is an alternate costume, the Black Mage from Final Fantasy 9, Vivi!

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For its stage intro, it simply has it ride on their Chocobo and dismount, ready for battle. For taunts, the Black Mage first taunt has it spins its staff around then leans it on its shoulder and giggles; the second has a bright circle of magic energy surrounds Black Mage at their feet as they lifts their hands skyward, in reference to the Casting animations from the original games and the final has a Moogle appear out of a puff of magic and the Black Mage simply pats it on the head as it then disappear in a puff of smoke.

And finally for victory animations, the first has the Black Mage pumps its hands upward in victory, similar to its victory pose in the original Final Fantasy; its second has it spin around and do a floating pose, in reference to the victory animation from Mario Sports Mix and the final has it twirls its staff become coming into an attention pose, a direct reference to Vivi’s victory pose.

And that does it for the Black Mage. Honestly, I kinda had a bit of a soft spot for the little conjurer, I have also made a moveset for another Final Fantasy character, Yuna, but you guys wanted the Black Mage so here you go, and in case your wondering about what Yuna is like for Smash Bros. and wanna see what her moveset is like, then leave a comment down below, I hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you next time.


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