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Can We Use Statistics to Classify a Character’s Combo Game and Killpower? I used 900+ Combos and 450+ Stocks from the Smash World Tour Mexican Qualifiers to Analyze Character Archetypes.


So basically, I decided to use statistical analysis to see if we can clearly see patterns in a character's combo game and killpower. The answer is probably – for combo characters.

While you can still see killpower statistics for yourself in the spreadsheet – I don't think I'm satisfied enough with the results to post them below. Feel free to comment on them, however.

As for combo games – I think there are clear signs of archetypes and I want to showcase them to you below. Also, there is a ranking for characters with the largest damage output, and most combos per stock as well if you're interested in that.



(Characters classified by their high skewness/range, implying their combos are long-lasting with multiple inputs, with room for both error and extension)

Luigi: 31.80 Average – 3.80 Skewness – 22 Range – 2.0 Combos Per Stock

ROB: 27.19 Average – 2.69 Skewness – 14.5 Range – 3.0 Combos Per Stock

Game and Watch: 26.79 Average – 2.79 Skewness – 15.75 Range – 3.1 Combos Per Stock


(Characters classified for their notably high average damage output while also having a very low combo per stock ratio)

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Snake: 31.33 Average – 2.33 Skewness – 12 Range – 1.2 Combos Per Stock

Cloud: 29.48 Average – 2.98 Skewness – 13.75 Range – 1.1 Combos Per Stock

Robin: 28.19 Average – 2.19 Skewness – 10 Range – 1.8 Combos Per Stock


(Characters classified by their low skewness and range, indicating their combos are simple and repetitive, with little room for error)

Ridley: 27.96 Average – 0.96 Skewness – 11.5 Range – 2.1 Combos Per Stock

CaptainFalcon: 24.38 Average – 2.38 Skewness – 10 Range – 2.3 Combos Per Stock

Palutena: 24.30 Average – 2.30 Skewness – 8 Range – 2.6 Combos Per Stock

Byleth: 23.20 Average – 1.20 Skewness – 7.5 Range – 2.4 Combos Per Stock

Pyra: 21.79 Average – 1.79 Skewness – 12.25 Range – 2.4 Combos Per Stock


(Currently, Mario doesn't fall into any category. He's likely either a Combo Tree or a Bread and Butter Character – More data is likely needed.)

Mario: 25.74 Average – 2.74 Skewness – 10 Range – 2.8 Combos Per Stock


(Characters with low average damage output and a low combo per stock ratio, indicating their character does not have a reliable combo game)

Piranha Plant: 22.43 Average – 1.43 Skewness – 6 Range – 1.4 Combos Per Stock

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  • There probably isn't enough data to be 100% accurate on anything yet, but stay tuned as I plan to continue this for future SWT events.

  • Luigi's combo game is ridiculously good. A fourth of his combos will deal 40%, and he has the highest average damage output per combo.

  • Game and Watch gets a lot of combos per stock – we can estimate that he lands over 3 per stock, while most characters will only land 1 or 2.

  • Piranha Plant's combo game is pretty bad – the recorded combos don't deal a lot of damage, and the character doesn't land a lot of combos per stock either.

  • Captain Falcon can kill pretty damn early, but he is somewhat "inconsistent" that he either kills normally, or kills at an average percent.

  • Palutena's killpower is pretty consistent, where she'll usually get a kill within her 24% range.

  • Snake's killpower is absolutely wild, in the sense that it's very very inconsistent and all over the place in terms of values. The best way of describing snake's killpower is that he'll usually kill at an above average percent – but occasionally will seriously struggle to get a kill, and won't land one till past 175%.

  • ROB seems to have a killpower issue. Not only is his average pretty low, he'll usually get kills later than his average. This can be considered an inconsistency issue, as over 30% of stocks were taken past 150% of damage. There could be other explanations for this – including a lack of data meaning bad matchups made ROBs killpower seem worse than it actually is.

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Feel free to ask me any questions!


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