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Capacitor Mod works on Switch Pro controllers

Content of the article: "Capacitor Mod works on Switch Pro controllers"


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I actually performed this mod almost over a year ago, but I thought I'd share this information with everyone here since it seems to be a very relevant problem for Smashers.

I decided that I would be a Sheik main prior to all of her buffs back when she was considered to be one of the worst characters in the game. I really enjoyed the fast paced gameplay of the character so I wasn't too concerned about her drawbacks. However, as her gameplay was quite fast I decided that it would be more optimal to put my jump button on a trigger button to free up my thumb to do other things. This worked, but I found that I could not get used to the analog trigger buttons on the GameCube controller and that it was negatively impacting my ability to short-hop. Additionally, I found that the GameCube controller was just quite clunky overall and was starting to show its age (sorry if this offends anyone here). Consequently, I decided to swtich to the Switch Pro Controller for the sole reason of it having digital shoulder buttons.

However, this switch was not without problems. I found the snapback problem that some GameCube controllers have to be much worse on the Pro Controller. It was already difficult enough killing on Sheik and having her best kill confirm (Aerial Needles into Bouncing Fish) be left to the mercy of the snapback gods was not cutting it. I looked for information on how to solve this issue on the Pro Controller, but was it was to no avail. As far as I could tell, nobody had attempted the capacitor mod on the Pro Controller yet or at the very least the information wasn't readily available with a quick Google search. In my hour of desperation I prayed to the Shiek gods, both old and new, for a solution and so did they whisper unto me, "Yolo the capacitor mod". I figured that, in the worst case scenario, I'd be out $60 for the controller — a small price to pay for consistent Aerial Needles — thus I set out to do just that.

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The Mod:

Now I'm sure many of you are wondering, how did you get the capacitor mod to work on the Pro Controller? Well the answer is absolutely nothing special. I just borrowed a soldering iron from a friend, some spare electronics parts from a co-worker, and followed

. In case anyone was wondering which pins I soldered the female jumper wires to here is an image. And, before you ask, no I did not use the wood glue on my Pro Controller.

Seriously guys that's all there is to it. If you're having issues with snapback here is your solution.


The capacitor mod works on the Pro Controller. You can follow Kadano's capacitor mod tutorial for the GameCube controller and achieve the exact same results.


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