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Challenge Completed: All Characters in Elite Smash w/ NO RUNNING

Content of the article: "Challenge Completed: All Characters in Elite Smash w/ NO RUNNING"

Hey r/smashbros,

I've been working on this challenge for the last few weeks and I thought I'd share the results of it now that I've completed it. I managed to get every single character into Elite Smash while I put a self imposed no-running rule for every single match. I did this for 2 reasons:

1) I hit a wall in Elite smash myself where I was becoming extra flow-charty and I needed to break free of that. I found myself approaching my opponents badly more than anything, so this was a good way to break that habit. 2) After I started #1, I realized that Elite Smash is even MORE full of players who only know 1 or 2 things about their character and are easily punishable with patience. Especially Mario players who I'm convinced share the same singular brain cell.

Here's the full roster in Elite Smash:

And here are 2 tier lists:

Tier List 1: If the game was played with no running, here's how I'd rank all characters – Tier List 2: If the game was played with no running by one player, here's how hard it is for that player to fight other characters I saw online –

Couple thoughts about this challenge:

1) Sephiroth came out after I started it, and he is one of the hardest characters to fight in this challenge. His range and projectiles are a pain and made this so much more difficult than it was before I started to drown the sea of endless Sephiroths.

2) If you want to learn tipper spacing with Marth, this is a great way to do it. Coming out of this challenge and playing normal matches, he is easily my most improved character.

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3) Unsurprisingly, combo-heavy characters reliant on speed do the worst in this challenge because you can't really access your combos without the speed increase from dashing.

4) I couldn't tell you why but Dr. Mario does exceptionally well in this format.

5) A few Sonic players realized I wasn't running after them and every single one tried to time me out afterwards. No matter the character, he IS the hardest matchup because of this.

6) Heavier characters tend to do better, but good OOS options and range are the best things to have. Aerial dominant characters like Jigglypuff and Yoshi also perform well to no one's surprise.

7) Projectile heavy characters combined with the online environment hurt a LOT. Unsurprising but true.

8) This challenge helped me improve my overall abilities once I've returned to normal play. I'm much better and withdrawing from encounters that would usually end up negative for me, better at option selection, and much more knowledgeable about each character's individual OOS options, ranges, and even some frame data.

9) Mario's are absolutely free wins. I personally believe in normal competitive play he's an S-Tier character, but his ease of use brings out those players who aren't good at the game, they are just good at one thing that's easy to do.

10) I fought a Simon player on Hazards on Venom (even though it's not my ruleset) as Ridley. I have never seen someone camp so hard as this guy did with the center wall and Simon's axes and that match was brutal.

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Every character started at roughly 7.2 GSP (it was between 8.0 and 8.1 mil to get in) and required at least 5 matches to get in (I took everyone out who was already in Elite Smash before I started) except the DLC cause for some reason they just….got GSP faster.

If anyone has questions about the challenge or tier list placements for any character, let me know! Or if you have any other sadistic challenges, tell me those too.

Edit: Realized I should've clickbaited the title with "I got all characters in Elite Smash without Running" 😉


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