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Congrats to the winner of SWT: NA Southeast Ultimate Online Qualifier!

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Vendetta, ESAM, Kola, Yez, Wrath, and KirbyKid qualify for SWT: NA East Melee & Ultimate Regional Finals in November! Two more will qualify through Last Chance Qualifier as well. They will be facing the eight qualifying players from the NA Northeast Qualifiers from next week.

Place Player Sent to losers by Eliminated by
1st Vendetta (Ken, Ryu)
2nd Panda ESAM (Pikachu, Mii Brawler, Min Min, Samus) Vendetta Vendetta
3rd Kola (Roy, Snake, Captain Falcon, Bayonetta, Cloud) Yez ESAM
4th USAE|PvE|Yez (Ike, Greninja) Vendetta Kola
5th Wrath (Sonic, Pyra & Mythra, Cloud) ESAM Kola
5th RBG|KirbyKid (King K. Rool) Kola Yez
7th Aaron (Diddy Kong, R.O.B.) Vendetta Kola
7th Jake (Alex, Mario) Wrath KirbyKid
9th Uncivil ninja (Shulk) ZSOS Kola
9th cass (Bayonetta) ESAM Aaron
9th kylzim (Zero Suit Samus) ESAM DQ (KirbyKid)
9th NVR|Rivers (Diddy Kong, Chrom) Aaron Jake
13th 8BitMan (R.O.B., Diddy Kong) ESAM Uncivil ninja
13th KN|BH|Jahzz0 (Ken) KirbyKid cass
13th MuteAce (Palutena, (Peach, Bayonetta) Yez KirbyKid
13th CVNT|Naz (Terry) 8BitMan Rivers
17th AD|Blaze207 (Pit, Dark Pit) kylzim Uncivil ninja
17th YoseFu (Simon) Pelupelu 8BitMan
17th Pelupelu (Byleth) Wrath cass
17th Toast (Young Link) Jake Jahzz0
17th ZSOS (Erdrick) Rivers MuteAce
17th Recity|WonderBread (Little Mac, Roy) Aaron KirbyKid
17th GRNT|Fluffy (Yoshi) Blaze207 Rivers
17th Epic_Gabriel (R.O.B.) Vendetta Naz
25th Goblin (Roy, Ike) KEE Uncivil ninja
25th STR-d(-_-) (Mii Gunner, Dark Samus, Donkey Kong) Vendetta YoseFu
25th TE|IKON|BeastModePaul (Hero) Kola cass
25th AnG|PT|Sinister (Enderman) Naz Jahzz0
25th TE|Bluxious (Bowser) Jake ZSOS
25th UG|UR2SLOW (Sonic) Toast WonderBread
25th Ashton (Young Link) Yez Fluffy
25th DH|REM!!! (Lucas) KirbyKid Naz
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