Super Smash Bros

Congratulations to the winner of Melee Singles at LEVO #14 – NA!

Top 8 Bracket

Top 64 Bracket

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Place Player Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st Lucky (Fox) Polish
2nd Polish (Peach) n0ne Lucky
3rd GG ∣ n0ne (Captain Falcon) Lucky Polish
4th Magi (Falco) n0ne Polish
5th Blea Gelo (Luigi) DQ'd (against Lucky) DQ'd (against Magi)
5th KoDoRiN (Marth) Polish Polish
7th Brotherhood ∣ Aklo (Fox) Blea Gelo Magi
7th null (Fox) Magi KoDoRiN
9th IMP ∣ Ben (Sheik) Blea Gelo KoDoRiN
9th Liquid`ChuDat (Ice Climbers) Lucky null
9th Spiral Cafe ∣ Krudo (Sheik) Polish Magi
9th Tempo ∣ Axe (Pikachu & Young Link) Polish Aklo
13th Liquid`Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) Elliot KoDoRiN
13th bobby big ballz (Falco) n0ne null
13th Dacky (Fox) Jamrun Krudo
13th UGS ∣ Michael (Jigglypuff) Ben Aklo
17th bc ∣ HomeMadeWaffles (Falco) Lucky KoDoRiN
17th Jamrun (Peach) Axe Hungrybox
17th KoopaTroopa895 (Marth) Aklo null
17th LFG ∣ Eddy Mexico (Luigi) Michael bobby big ballz
17th CG ∣ Jflex (Sheik) Lucky Krudo
17th Pepis ∣ Elliot (Falco) ChuDat Dacky
17th Captain Faceroll (Sheik) null Aklo
17th Bones (Falco) Fankriss Michael
25th upgamer ∣ htwa (Fox) Jflex YungWaff
25th BLE ∣ SluG (Ice Climbers) ChuDat Hungrybox
25th EGtv ∣ FatGoku (Fox) Blea Gelo KoopaTroopa895
25th GUG ∣ Kürv (Fox) Blues Clues Eddy Mexico
25th ZOOK ∣ Suezo (Sheik) Aklo Krudo
25th SANS ∣ Blues Clues (Peach) Axe Dacky
25th Peppi ∣ Pappi (Falco) Magi Captain Faceroll
25th ManRay (Ganondorf) n0ne Bones
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Grand Finals Set 1

Joey "Lucky" Aldama // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki
Matt "Polish" Warshaw // Twitter | Wiki

Lucky 1 – 3 Polish
= Fox Battlefield Peach = Win
Win = Fox Frozen Pokemon Stadium Peach =
= Fox Final Destination Peach = Win
= Fox Battlefield Peach = Win

Grand Finals Set 2

Joey "Lucky" Aldama // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki
Matt "Polish" Warshaw // Twitter | Wiki

Lucky 3 – 0 Polish
Win = Fox Battlefield Peach =
Win = Fox Final Destination Peach =
Win = Fox Final Destination Peach =

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