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Congratulations to the winner of Melee Singles at the Galint Melee Open!

Content of the article: "Congratulations to the winner of Melee Singles at the Galint Melee Open!"

Top 8 Bracket

Top 16 Bracket

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Place Player Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st Liquid`Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
2nd CLG ∣ SFAT (Fox) Hungrybox Hungrybox
3rd EMG ∣ Hax$ (Fox) Hungrybox SFAT
4th Brotherhood OS ∣ Aklo (Fox & Link) Kalamazhu Hax$
5th Revenge ∣ Gahtzu (Captain Falcon) SFAT Aklo
5th Kalamazhu (Peach) Hungrybox Hax$
7th IluZ PEP ∣ LSD (Marth) lloD Aklo
7th Soonsay (Fox) Gahtzu Hax$
9th Bones (Falco) Gahtzu Soonsay
9th lloD (Peach) SFAT Hax$
9th UYU ∣ n0ne (Captain Falcon) Gahtzu Aklo
9th Vish (Captain Falcon) Hungrybox LSD
13th ycz6 (Samus) Kalamazhu Bones
13th Blues Clues (Peach) SFAT Hax$
13th KoDoRiN (Marth) ycz6 n0ne
13th Aura (Peach) Vish LSD
17th yingling (Falco) Vincessant ycz6
17th PW ∣ Vincessant (Peach) Vish Blues Clues
17th SFOP (Fox) Soonsay KoDoRiN
17th Connor (Fox) SFAT Aura
17th TG ∣ Mot$ (Fox) DQ'd (against SpookityCS) Hax$
17th GG ∣ Zain (Marth) DQ'd (against Aklo) DQ'd (against Bones)
17th HTL ∣ Unsure (Fox) Bones LSD
17th Erik (Captain Falcon & Fox) Zain n0ne
25th Pulse (Marth) Aura yingling
25th Egg$ (Yoshi & Link) Connor Blues Clues
25th Melo (Fox) Kalamazhu KoDoRiN
25th KXNG ∣ Odin (Marth) KoDoRiN Aura
25th Golden (Jigglypuff) lloD Mot$
25th Grab (Marth) n0ne Bones
25th bobby big ballz (Falco) Hax$ Unsure
25th Polish (Peach) Aklo Erik
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Grand Finals

Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki | Team Liquid
Zac "SFAT" Cordoni // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki | Counter Logic Gaming

Hungrybox 3 – 2 SFAT
= Jigglypuff Battlefield Fox = Win
Win = Jigglypuff Dream Land 64 Fox =
= Jigglypuff Frozen Pokemon Stadium Fox = Win
Win = Jigglypuff Battlefield Fox =
Win = Jigglypuff Final Destination Fox =

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