Super Smash Bros

Congratulations to the winner of Ultimate Singles at Glitch 8.5 – Konami Code!

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PlacePlayerSent to Losers byEliminated by
1stPanda ∣ ESAM (Pikachu & Mii Brawler)
2ndT1 ∣ MkLeo (Byleth, Pyra/Mythra & Joker)ESAMESAM
3rdMoist ∣ Kola (Roy)ESAMMkLeo
4thSSG ∣ Maister (Mr. Game & Watch)ChagMkLeo
5thCryme ∣ Chag (Palutena)KolaMkLeo
5thMoist ∣ Light (Fox)ESAMMaister
7thCosmos (Pyra/Mythra)LightMkLeo
7thPanda ∣ Marss (Zero Suit Samus)KolaMaister
9thLarry Lurr (Wolf, Mii Brawler & Falco)KolaCosmos
9thNPT ∣ Tilde (Falco)MaisterMkLeo
9thPanda ∣ WaDi (Mewtwo & R.O.B.)BONK!Marss
9thCharliedaking (Wolf)BacoNMaister
13thnaitosharp (Joker, Zero Suit Samus & Pyra/Mythra)MarssLarry Lurr
13thDrexel ∣ Yoda Cage (Bowser Jr.)CosmosTilde
13thLiquid`Dabuz (Rosalina, Olimar & Min Min)CosmosWaDi
13thMK ∣ BigBoss (R.O.B.)NedCharliedaking
17thArmada ∣ Syrup (Ness)Pink FreshLarry Lurr
17thBryce (King Dedede)Tildenaitosharp
17th16B ∣ LingLing (Daisy)ChagYoda Cage
17thZinoto (Diddy Kong)KolaTilde
17thIluZ ∣ yonni (Steve)naitosharpDabuz
17thNed (Sephiroth)LightWaDi
17thIluZ ∣ BONK! (Meta Knight)ESAMBigBoss
17thVGBC ∣ Pink Fresh (Min Min)MkLeoCharliedaking
25thGO KOS ∣ NoTag (Mario)WaDiSyrup
25thTheTurtleKing (Incineroar)PharaohBryce
25th16B ∣ Zomba (R.O.B.)LightYoda Cage
25thSSG ∣ LeoN (Bowser)NhanZinoto
25thLVD ∣ Suarez (Yoshi)Marssyonni
25thPuppeh (Pokemon Trainer)SyrupWaDi
25thZD (Fox)Yoda CageBigBoss
25thDark Wizzy (Mario)ChagCharliedaking
33rdSkyjay (Incineroar)yonniSuarez
33rdTidal ∣ Mj (R.O.B.)Suarezyonni
33rdTR NVR ∣ TheMightyDialga (Bayonetta)MkLeoPuppeh
33rdIluz ∣ ParaCane (Mr. Game & Watch)Pink FreshSyrup
33rd#JoinDarkOrder ∣ Atomsk (King Dedede)MaisterTheTurtleKing
33rdPharaoh (Yoshi)MaisterBryce
33rdColorondo8 (Inkling)ZombaZomba
33rdKoS HK ∣ AoS (Zero Suit Samus)ZombaBigBoss
33rdGO ∣ BacoN (Dr. Mario)LingLingCharliedaking
33rdLNR ∣ DDog (Steve)BacoNDark Wizzy
33rd8BitMan (R.O.B.)DabuzZD
33rd6:00am (Incineroar)DabuzYoda Cage
33rdJoe-J (Diddy Kong)NhanZinoto
33rdNhan (Joker)Larry LurrLeoN
33rdPink Cage (Mr. Game & Watch)ESAMNoTag
33rdCourage (Duck Hunt)JiggsWaDi
49thSword (Chrom)naitosharpSkyjay
49thGummy (Chrom & Mii Swordfighter)MarssMj
49thNPT BBM ∣ Beast (Pokemon Trainer)Pink FreshPuppeh
49thfastcree (Villager)BeastParaCane
49thWal00gi (Snake)TildeTheTurtleKing
49thGuerrero18 (King Dedede)AtomskPharaoh
49thEDM ∣ WebbJP (Zero Suit Samus)NedColorondo8
49thD14 ∣ NickDistrict14 (Wii Fit Trainer)PkChrisAoS
49thKofi (Falco)ChagCharliedaking
49thEDM ∣ enhancedpv (Cloud)LingLingDDog
49thSquidplumber (Richter & Simon)DabuzZD
49thDexter (Wolf)8BitMan6:00am
49thMercury (Joker)Larry LurrJoe-J
49thYoseFu (Simon)Joe-JLeoN
49thClique (Young Link)player 4NoTag
49thplayer 4 (Peach)ESAMCourage

Grand Finals

Eric "ESAM" Lew // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki | Panda
Leonardo "MkLeo" Lopez Perez // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki | T1

ESAM3 – 1MkLeo
= PikachuTown and CityJoker =Win
Win= PikachuFinal DestinationJoker =
Win= PikachuPokemon Stadium 2Joker =
Win= PikachuPokemon Stadium 2Joker =

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