Super Smash Bros

Congratulations to the winner of Ultimate Singles at Vienna Challengers Arena 2021!

Top 8 Bracket

Top 64 Bracket

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PlacePlayerSent to Losers byEliminated by
1stPeli (Sonic & King Dedede)
2ndSolary ∣ Glutonny (Wario)TroppedPeli
3rdSolary ∣ Leon (Lucina & Chrom)PeliGlutonny
4thNCE ∣ sisqui (Dark Samus)LeonGlutonny
5thOplon ∣ Oryon (Dr. Mario, Wolf & Mario)LeonGlutonny
5thmCon ∣ Space (Inkling & Pyra/Mythra)Pelisisqui
7thLOSC ∣ Flow (Roy)LeonGlutonny
7thSIR ∣ Jaka (Isabelle)Flowsisqui
9thMP ∣ RyuKai (Fox & Wolf)Oryonsisqui
9thATEN Demat ∣ NaetorU (Pichu)OryonJaka
9thMYD ∣ PeW (Ness)SpaceGlutonny
9thBMS ∣ Neeroz (Pikachu)PeliFlow
13thAOMO ∣ Azrael (Wolf)PeliRyuKai
13thWIZ ∣ AndresFn (Ken & Ryu)MidorissJaka
13thFYN ∣ Sintro (R.O.B.)PeliGlutonny
13thWTX ∣ Mezcaul (Ridley)sisquiFlow
17thCryme ∣ SuperStriker (Sonic)NeerozRyuKai
17thPulsar ∣ Mika (Wario)knackaAzrael
17thBMS ∣ Ogey (Captain Falcon)SpaceJaka
17thNibodax (Bayonetta)PeWAndresFn
17thNoFear ∣ Midoriss (Little Mac)OryonGlutonny
17thANKAA ∣ eMass (Joker)NaetorUSintro
17thIZI ∣ MoDzai (Pac-Man)SpyderFlow
17thBJAYS ∣ Tarik (Greninja)CeBonVieuxPoringMezcaul
25thOctave (Pac-Man)MezcaulRyuKai
25thIZI ∣ VinS (Link)WhoopheeMika
25thmCon ∣ Ramses (Shulk)LeonJaka
25thAF ∣ SkWiirrel (Duck Hunt)sisquiAndresFn
25thPaint (Duck Hunt)MAXGlutonny
25thPlaywell ∣ FriskyCissin (Inkling)SpaceSintro
25thRDL ∣ Whoophee (Wario & Sephiroth)OgeyMoDzai
25thTropped (Steve)NibodaxTarik
33rdPW ∣ SBF (Wario)K1NG_K00P4RyuKai
33rdCTC ∣ Micky (Snake)MidorissOctave
33rdSpyder (Pokemon Trainer)eMassMika
33rdNetra ∣ Greed (Peach & Daisy)NaetorUVinS
33rdUtop-Ian (Inkling)EnkiJaka
33rdSSP ∣ Lucky (Pyra/Mythra & Pit)DagobertRamses
33rdVCA ∣ Purple~H (Wolf)MezcaulAndresFn
33rdMDS ∣ Polinomis (Lucario)cyveSkWiirrel
33rdCGN ∣ cyve (Diddy Kong)NeerozGlutonny
33rdCBVT ∣ CeBonVieuxPoring (Pac-Man)SuperStrikerPaint
33rdPTY ∣ RoberWars (Snake)AzraelFriskyCissin
33rdVCA ∣ vyQ (Wolf)JakaSintro
33rdVongola (Wolf)PeliWhoophee
33rdCGN ∣ Tru4 (Shulk)SpaceMoDzai
33rdAdrian (Pokemon Trainer)PeWTarik
33rdRaaban (Inkling)NeerozTropped
49thRSN ∣ RAMBOSS (Samus)NibodaxSBF
49thplan-B ∣ Klemenz (Peach)PeWOctave
49thES ∣ Ib (Zero Suit Samus & Sephiroth)FriskyCissinMika
49thKichiro (Sonic)FlowVinS
49thFaifre (Joker)leggasiiniUtop-Ian
49thTsuba (Captain Falcon)AzraelLucky
49thHG ∣ Otakuni (Link)SuperStrikerAndresFn
49thMC ∣ Gandix (Ness)OryonPolinomis
49thK1NG_K00P4 (Ryu)SkWiirrelGlutonny
49thplan-B ∣ Lancelot (Chrom)Purple~HPaint
49thZebra (Ness)RamsesFriskyCissin
49thSSP ∣ AleX (R.O.B.)OgeyvyQ
49thEnki (Pikachu)GreedVongola
49thORO ∣ Iberyes (Pokemon Trainer)RoberWarsMoDzai
49thKatascient (Steve)MidorissTarik
49thTKB ∣ Triannos (Steve)OryonRaaban

Grand Finals

James "Peli" Hunt // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki
William "Glutonny" Belaid // Twitch | Twitter | Wiki | Solary

Peli3 – 2Glutonny
= SonicBattlefieldWario =Win
Win= SonicFinal DestinationWario =
= SonicBattlefieldWario =Win
Win= SonicPokemon Stadium 2Wario =
Win= SonicBattlefieldWario =

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