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D.VA Overwatch moveset because I got bored

Content of the article: "D.VA Overwatch moveset because I got bored"

Got bored again and was thinking of more smash mechanics, but I accidentally designed a perfect moveset for D.VA from Overwatch. This character has 3 whole unique mechanics, but I think they would be interesting enough to be implemented into Smash. For those who don’t know, this is what D.VA looks like

Mechanic 1: Combo Specials Any special can be used while another special is currently being used. This is based off of the idea that D.VA in Overwatch can use her boosters while shooting, using her missiles, or Defense Matrix, and this idea is basically carried over to smash 1 to 1.

Mechanic 2: Ultimate Charge A meter (indicated by D.VA’s portrait UI) that fills the more damage D.VA does. It takes a total of 100% dealt damage to fill the meter, which changes her Down B into Self Destruct, a powerful Bomb that I’ll explain later. This is basically ripped directly from Overwatch too, with the meter having 10 notches in a circular fashion around a greyed out picture of the Self Destruct Bomb that will flash blue when filled. This meter will not keep its charge between stocks. This is something I believe smash desperately needs, a meter that incentives dealing damage.

Mechanic 3: De-Meching When D.VA herself reaches 100%, she will be ejected from her mech and forced to fight without it. This will change her moveset and her meter drastically, like Samus transforming into Zero Suit Samus in Brawl. Her meter will now only require 40% dealt damage to be filled, but will instead change her Down B into Call Mech. If she is De-Meched before she can use Self Destruct, the charge will stay when she Re-Mechs, but not if she dies first. This is also a mechanic only D.VA has in Overwatch, and will make her Ultimate a risk-reward on who can deal 100% first.

Now the specials(oh god I’m just realizing how long this is going to be)

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Neutral B: Micro Missiles Fires a barrage of 8 missiles over a second period. After this move is used, D.VA will have to wait 5 seconds before using them again (indicated by a white flash of the mech)

Down B: Defense Matrix / Self Destruct Summons a light cone in front of the mech that absorbs all incoming projectiles. Each projectile assists the charge of D.VA’s meter by 5% (for example, 1 absorbed projectile + 95% dealt damage = full meter). After this move is used, D.VA will have to wait 5 seconds before using it again (indicated by a green flash of the mech). When her meter reaches 100%, this move changes into Self Destruct, where D.VA exits her mech, leaving the mech itself to explode in an extremely wide AOE (think Hero’s Magic Burst range). After the move is used, pressing Down B again will summon another mech for D.VA to use and the meter will be reset.

Side B: Boosters D.VA will fly forward, doing small damage and knockback to whoever she hits. This can also be arc’d slightly up or down. While flying, both Neutral B and Down B can be used, doing much more damage and being invulnerable to projectiles, however due to her cooldowns this can’t be spammed. You can even use this to “shoot” the Self Destruct Bomb forward by comboing this move with her meter down-b

Up B: Thrusters D.VA angles her mech upwards and flies straight up, dealing minimal damage and knockback. This move also puts D.VA in special fall after reaching the apex. This move can also be comboed with Neutral B and both Down B’s, but not after reaching the top. This move is completely original as D.VA doesn’t have too much of a “recovery” in Overwatch

Now for De-Mech D.VA, who’s moveset is based more on racking up damage with combos and readily accessible moves so she can get her mech back as soon as possible. De-Mech D.VA is obviously lighter and faster, so you could want to use one over the other.

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Neutral B: Light Gun Fires a quick round from her sidearm. This has no cooldown, but cannot be comboed with any of her other moves

Down B: Pocked Defense Matrix / Call Mech Summons a much smaller cone in front of D.VA that absorbs projectiles and charges her meter by 5%. When her meter is fully charged, her Down B will change to Call Mech, which will summon a mech from the sky for D.VA to climb inside. She will be invulnerable to knockback while this move happens, but she will be able to take damage. This will change her moveset back to her regular moveset and her meter will be reset.

Side B: Boost Kick D.VA will lunge forward, dealing minimal damage and knockback to anything in front of her. (Now I’m really making up moves as De-Mech D.VA doesn’t do that much)

Up B: Boost Flip D.VA does a flip in the air, giving her a fair amount of height. This move has a strong hitbox right at the end of it.

And I think I’m finally done. I was originally going to post this in the discussion thread, but this became so long I figured it deserves it’s own post. Tell me what you guys think, or if the moveset needs tweaked in any places.


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