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Dart Monkey Smash Moveset

Flash games are a corner of gaming that Smash has not touched yet, and I think a good representative for these kinds of games would be Dart Monkey from the Bloons series.

Neutral Special – Dart Toss

This move works similarly to Yoshi's Egg Throw, but the projectile is thrown much further. Dart Monkey throws a dart with the power and angle you input via how long you hold the button and the angle of the control stick.

Side Special – Assist Monkey

A chargeable move that deploys different monkeys in front of DM based on the level of charge. Use the Side Special again to activate the monkey's ability, which can be done until the Assist Monkey disappears. The charge can be stored.

Boomerang MonkeyNo ChargeThrows a short range boomerang, with low damage and knockback.
Wizard MonkeyLight ChargeShoots a somewhat short range fireball which explodes on impact. Deals more damage and knockback than the boomerang.
AlchemistMedium ChargeThrows a Perishing Potion, which inflicts a DOT effect, and deals massive damage to shields.
Ninja MonkeyLong ChargeThrows a medium range shuriken which causes flinching. While the Ninja is out, it will toss Caltrops onto the nearby area, which deal very light damage to opponents when walked over.
Super MonkeyFull ChargeThrows a short range flurry of darts, dealing lots of damage. Knocks the opponent away on the last hit.

Only one Assist Monkey can exist at a time per Dart Monkey. Assist Monkeys stay in one place, and will disappear after about 10 seconds, or when attacked by either an opponent or the Dart Monkey that placed it. The ability will always activate in the direction the side special was inputted in.

Down Special – Spike-o-Pult

Create a Spike-o-Pult in front of the DM. Hold the button to charge up the shot, release to regain control of DM, and use Down Special again to launch. The more you charge the Spike-O-Pult, the further the spike ball will travel and the more damage it will deal. Also, the longer the charge, the more vertical the angle it will shoot at. If the SOP is attacked before it gets used, it will break. Good for KOing at long distances.

Up Special – Support Chinook

The Monkey grabs onto a support chinook helicopter, and rides up into the sky. Opponents that get caught in the propellors will be carried up similar to K Rool's Up Special, and it has a slight windbox below it, pushing opponents away.

Final Smash – Super Monkey Fan Club

A bunch of Dart Monkeys gather, turn into Super Monkeys, and unleash what is basically a solid beam of darts. Similar to Samus's final smash.


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