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Designing a roster for a multiplatform, ludicrous crossover Smash Bros

(Keep in mind this is how I would do it)

My goal with this roster is to add more icons and more villains, if we were ever to get a multiplatform Smash Bros (ALA Gaming All-Stars), this should be the roster:

I feel like this could happen one day, and the character roster should be about 150 characters at minimum if we wanna keep alot of characters from Ultimate.

I would also handle DLC very differently, I would the characters free to play and less significant/more WTF since I would have to design Subspace in base game, or maybe DLC is completely unnessecary.

I also feel every character would be reworked, either small moveset changes, or entire overhauls.

I'd discuss how I'd handle other things like gamemodes, but I'll keep that topic for another day.

We won't be discussing movesets, that's a topic for another series of posts.

(Side note: my vision for how alts would work would be completely different than Smash now, you could make up to 100 alts for every character, and you could change every color of their model and add cosmetics like TF2, there would also be special alts like Dr. Mario or Dark Pit which pretty much apply a new template to the alt)

Character cuts:

-Jigglypuff (Outdated Gen 1 pokemon, doesn't quite fit in this gigantic crossover)

-Every echo except for Daisy (Who is now a completely new character), Dark Pit (Who is an alt), and Ken (Who is no longer classified as echo), technically Dark Samus too.

-Pichu (I don't need to explain myself)

-Every FE character except for Marth and Ike, who are series icons

-Dr Mario (Alt/Alt template now)

-Young and Toon Link (Yeah, you can already guess why)

-Pokemon trainer (Charizard and Squirtle are now seperate characters while Ivysaur is cut)

-Palutena (Assist trophy now)

-Rosalina (Also assist trophy)

-Duck Hunt (Too similar to Banjo Kazooie and fits more as a stage)

-incineroar (I don't really need to explain myself)

-Piranha Plant (I didn't wanna cut him, but I have no choice)

-Min Min (…Yeah…)

-Pyra and Mytha (Do I need to say why at this point?)

-Kazuya (Replaced with Jin Kazama)

Alright, with the cuts out of the way, here's the newcomers I would add:

-Crash (One of the biggest gaming icons alongside Mario and Sonic, and pioneer of 3d gaming along with being Playstation's unofficial mascot, there's no question that he should be in)

-Kratos (Gaming icon and Playstation rep)

-Tails (Second Sonic rep and a sidekick, was supposed to be in Melee)

-Eggman (Another villain and he would be the new Bowser Jr now that Bowser Jr is revamped and walks onfoot)

-Waluigi (I don't need to explain myself, he's one of the biggest Mario characters and Smash is the only Mario spinoff where he isn't playable)

-Toad (An old iconic Mario character and I'm surprised not many people talk about him being in Smash)

-Birdo (Pretty much a WTF character and could have a unique moveset)

-Ninten (Only Mother protag not playable)

-Porky (Another villain is welcome, I was considering Giegue/Giygas, but he was too similar to Mewtwo)

-Dr Neo Cortex (If you can play as Mario and Bowser, Sonic and Eggman, and Crash, then he should definitely be playable as well, more villains, more fun)

-Carl Johnson (Literal gaming icon from one of the biggest franchises ever)

-Niko Bellic (Created because not every GTA weapon fit CJ's moveset and because he would represent the HD universe and Liberty City)

-Tingle (A new Zelda rep, after forever)

-Dixie Kong (Another DK rep)

-Master Chief (Microsoft's icon)

-Marcus Fenix (Another XBox icon)

-Heavy (FPS rep and Valve Icon)

-Gordon Freeman (One of the most influential and revolutionary Videogame franchises)

-Ice Climbers polar bear (An absolute WTF character and a more heavyweight, 1-character semi-clone of Ice Climbers)

-Slippy Toad (Another Starfox rep)

-Rayman (Limbless hero and a somewhat big platformer icon)

-Frisk (Iconic Indie rep)

-Freddy Fazbear (So we can have the trinity of Indie game characters: Steve, Freddy, and Frisk)

-Sackboy (Playstation Rep)

-Toejam and Earl (Pyra & Mythra replacement and more Sega reps)

-Leon S Kennedy (Iconic horror character)


-Flynn Taggart/Doomguy (Rip and tear that invitation)

-Mii Whipper (4th Mii fighter, on a side note, Mii customization would also be like how it is in Miitopia)

-Bill Rizer (Iconic NES rep, Konami rep)

-Earthworm Jim (Classic rep)

-Conker (More Rare and M rated reps)

-Ryu Hayabusa (Classic rep)

-Shantae (Indie rep)

-Spyro (Can't have Crash without Spyro)

-Sir Daniel Fortesque (Classic PS rep)

-Ratchet and Clank (PS rep)

-Ezio (Ubisoft and Assassain's Creed rep)

-Nathan Drake (Iconic PS character)

-Lara Croft (Iconic boobies)

-Raiden (Another PSASBR passdown and MGS rep)

-Prince from Katamari (WTF character)

-Spike from Ape Escape (Classic PS 90s rep)

-Gruntilda (Another surprising villain rep)

-Chibi Robo (Middle ages Nintendo rep)

-Viewtiful Joe (Same as Chibi Robo)

-Boogerman (Classic 90s rep)

-Parappa (Gotta believe he's in)

-Alex Mercer (PS rep)

-Cole MacGrath (PS rep too)

-Jak and Daxter (Duo character and PS rep)

-Saxton Hale (Villain rep and another Valve rep)

-Tracer (Another FPS multiplayer rep)

-Jonesy (Just to piss people off)

-Geese Howard (Fighting game and villain rep)

-M Bison (Same as Geese)

-Shao Kahn (Same as 2 above)

-Agumon (An iconic rep)

-Dante (Featuring Dante from the DMC series)

-Q*Bert (Classic Arcade rep)

-Project Delta (Bioshock rep)

-Black Shadow (Another F-Zero and villain rep)

-Spongebob (I would add him so that 40 year olds would scream and slam their keyboards in rage on Twitter, he's also one of the most iconic characters in fiction, so…)

-Shrek (Unforseen consequence of the ballot)

-Goku (Same as Spongebob)

-Mickey Mouse (Same as Spongebob and Goku)

-2B (Another Square rep)

This roster's gonna piss alot of people off, but I don't care, this is how I would design a roster for a game of this magnitude, if you've read this far, thank you, if you have any advice or questions, leave them down below.


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