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Earthquake #57

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Hello Smash Players My name is SOGMonkey and i am a TO over at Nintendo Online Global. Today i want to inform you that Earthquake our Weekly tournament series will be having its 57th addition in the series. on Monday at (3PM/PST|6PM EST) if you are a smash player and want to come join the fun and play online tournaments with a competitive ruleset come join us.

Why Should i Join?

If you are a person who doesn't like a competitive aspect of smash that's as you wont lose anything by entering Nintendo Online Global Tournies are free to join and wont cost you anything. If you are also someone who wants to experience competitive but doesn't want to jump right in because your skill level isn't there or you just aren't comfortable going to your local this is perfect for you. As we introduce the Competitive ruleset to our players new or pro. Admins are always understanding of new players and our regular players are always welcome to meet new friends. And Lastly if you are a person who is already in the competitive scene, we host regular competitive rulesets for free weekly so it is great practice for you to learn some matchups or just have a good time learning some new combos. I as the head TO participate in the local scene pretty regularly and i host my own local in my area so we are almost like a local online.

Whats the prize?

Well like i stated this is a free entry tournament and meant for practice for all skill levels, so we cant offer much but sense this is kinda of its own scene we host seasons with Power Rankings and much more. The more Set wins you have the higher you place in the season every member to participate in a tournament in a season is automatically registered into the power rankings so you will be able to see how you did throughout the season. we offer roles for tournament wins as well.

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Can i counterpick?

Indeed you can the site we use has a in site coinflip system to ban stages. We Have a list of starters and couterpicks you can only begin with your starter picks. Winner of the game bans loser picks as well as character couterpicking is allowed for the loser. Winner can switch but must inform opponent. "Dave's Stupid Rule" is in affect so be sure not to pick a stage you won on last.

How is the Community?

Our Community is pretty welcoming and offer advice and tips for our new players. Many Players have entered our community getting almost last place to winning tournaments almost regularly. At Nintendo Online Global our players tend to see progress within the community. and even doing friendlies out of our tournament dates. I sometimes may even host some friendly sessions.

Nintendo Online Global Showcase

With Nintendo Online Global we love to find new ways to improve the experience for our players and admins. So every once in a while we host NOG Showcase kinda like a Nintendo Direct were we showcase what we been working on in the past few days.


Earthquake our weekly series was started May 16th 2019 as our first Super Smash Bros Weekly and the beginning of Nintendo Online Global as a whole. Granted NOG began in March 2019 we didn't host a named weekly series till May. with each week getting better and better in quality. Smash Online Global the original state of NOG was the path that started NOG.

Tournament Link

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This tournament is based in the United States and Wired Connections are highly Recommended.


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