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Earthquake #83

Hello Smash Players My name is SOGMonkey and i am a TO over at SOG. Today i want to inform you that Earthquake our Weekly tournament series will be having its 83rd addition in the series. on Tuesday at (3PM PST|6PM EST) but if you are a smash player and want to come join the fun and play online tournaments with a competitive ruleset come join us.

Why Should i Join?

If you are a person who does like a competitive game smash, you wont lose anything by entering SOG Tournies. They are free to join and won't cost you anything. If you are also someone who wants to experience competitive but doesn't want to jump right in because your skill level isn't there or you just aren't comfortable going to your local this is perfect for you. As we introduce the Competitive ruleset to our players new or pro. Admins are always understanding of new players and our regular players are always welcome to meet new friends. And Lastly if you are a person who is already in the competitive scene, we host regular competitive rulesets for free weekly (Granted we are not off season) so it is great practice for you to learn some matchups or just have a good time learning some new combos. I as the head TO participate in the local scene pretty regularly and i host my own local in my area so we are almost like a local online. (Pre Pandemic)

Whats the prize?

Well like i stated this is a free entry tournament and meant for practice for all skill levels, so we cant offer much but sense this is kinda of its own scene we host seasons with Player Rankings and much more. The more Set wins you have the higher you place in the season every member to participate in a tournament in a season is automatically registered into the player rankings so you will be able to see how you did throughout the season. we also do open player rankings info on that below.

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Open Player Rankings?

Like stated above we host a open player rankings basically the rules are as followed.

To enter the SOG Player Rankings ladder, players must compete in one Earthquake tournament to be eligible.

Players can challenge anyone two spots or less ahead of them.To initiate a match, reach out to that person in the #open-pr-challengingchannel of our discord and wait for a response.

If someone does not respond within two days, the challenger is awarded the win.

If someone does respond within the two days, the two players have two days to decide when to play the best of 5 set. The match has one day from the first communication from the challenged person to be completed.

If someone does not show up at the scheduled date and time of the match, the person who did show up is awarded the win. (Not being in the server will result as a no show)

Once the set is complete, both players must confirm the results in the #open-pr-results channel of our discord and wait for a moderator to confirm the results as well.

If the higher seeded player wins, the results of the ladder do not change.

If the lower seeded player wins, they take the spot of the higher seeded player and the remainder of the bracket will be moved down a spot.

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Each player can only make two challenges a week, but that can increase with participation in that week’s Earthquake.

If there are any discrepancies with any part of this process, the moderators will make a ruling.

SOG Playoffs

SOG Playoffs are based on the open player rankings. If you are placed within the top 20 of the season you will be invited to our playoffs season. Playoffs will lead into a top 8 final. the final will have a guaranteed $20 prize pot with having the possibility of increasing through out the season. Playoffs will take place the last week of the season.

Can i counterpick?

Indeed you can the site we use has a in site task system to ban stages. We Have a list of starters and counterpicks you can only begin with your starter picks. Winner of the game bans loser picks as well as character counter picking is allowed for the loser. Winner can switch but must inform opponent. "Dave's Stupid Rule" is in affect so be sure not to pick a stage you won on last.

How is the Community?

Our Community is pretty welcoming and offer advice and tips for our new players. Many Players have entered our community getting almost last place to winning tournaments almost regularly. At SOG our players tend to see progress within the community. and even doing friendlies out of our tournament dates. Or even joining our smash crew The Global Stingers

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The Global Stingers

The Global Stingers or TGS for short is a crew ran by admins and mods of SOG if you like to join a friendly crew to help outside of our tournament days take a look at TGS. We are apart of the scs so you cannot already be on an existing crew. Link to join here.

*Earthquake *

Earthquake our weekly series was started May 16th 2019 as our first Super Smash Bros Weekly and the beginning of SOG as a whole. Granted SOG began in March 2019 we didn't host a named weekly series till May. with each week getting better and better in quality.

Tournament link

This tournament is based in the United States and Wired Connections are highly Recommended


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