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Everyone’s Up-b Explained

Smash characters have so-called recoveries that extend their height. While many don't seem physically possible, at least most of them have recoveries that only bend or are completely within the laws of physics. I am here to list how all the up-b's work. Please do not use this in physics class.

*The Great Wall of Text Incoming*

Mario: Chucks a few coins up, but since mario has a magnet that draws coins to him, if the mass of the coin is large enough, he would go to the coin instead. That's what happens

Donkey Kong: Starts spinning with his inhuman strength and tilts his arms slightly like a helicopter's blade to provide lift

Link: Same as DK, but Master Sword does some funny stuff to make him have to swing less

Samus: Probably has mini rocket boosters or something

Dark Samus: Same as Samus

Yoshi: So concentrated on throwing the egg that he forgets to fall

Kirby: Probably can make helium in his body from what his jumps looks like. We can guess that for his up-b, he just takes an exaggerated breath to rise, and when he tries to breath again, all the helium go bye

Fox: First, fox is fireproof. Second, I have zero idea how his recovery works

Pikachu: Quick attack is so quick that it outspeeds gravity

Luigi: Due to the sweetspot, I'm guessing he farts. And drops a coin because he wants to look like he didn't.

Ness: Driving the telekinesis-controlled ball into his body makes his able to control his body as well for a while.

Captain Falcon: Imagines an uncooked bowl of ramen(min min reveal trailer) in front of him and so overcome by the desire to cook it that he enchants his hand with fire and reaches for it, forgetting to obey gravity

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Jigglelypuff: She just sings. And falls. Medal for obeying physics!

Peach: IDK. From the animation at the start, looks like she's just reaching to the skies

Daisy: Literally Peach

Bowser: Same as DK, but does it inside his rotating shell so we don't see it

Ice Climbers: Nana chucks Popo up, and Popo pulls her up afterwards

Sheik: Teleportation

Zelda: She is canonically sheik, so the recovery is naturally the same

Dr.Mario: Same as Mario

Pichu: Same as Pikachu

Falco: Same as Fox

Marth: Attempts to throw sword up, but the sword refuses the let go of his hand so pulls Marth along with it.

Lucina: Same as Marth

Young Link: Same as Link

Ganondorf: Magic. Really. I can't think of anything else.

Mewtwo: Teleportation

Roy: Same as Marth

Chrom: Throws the sword up successfully, and then follows after the sword, but then gravity remebers what it's doing and pulls them down quickly.

Mr.Game and Watch: Bounces on a trampoline. Why doesn't the trampoline fall? Game lag.

Meta Knight: Loops around while flapping his wings to get more kinetic energy and gets more height in the end.

Pit: Begs Palutena for the power of flight, which she gives to him.

Dark Pit: Same as Pit.

Zero Suit Samus: You see, the lights on her shoes are actually reversed rocket boosters pointing into her shoes and propel her up.

Wario: Farts

Snake: Pulls out a cypher, and activates it.

Ike: Same as Chrom

Pokémon Trainer: See the three below.

Squirtle: Spits out water, and swims in it.

Ivysaur: Uses vine as a rope to pull himself up.

Charizard: DK, but with wings.

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Diddy Kong: Gets out rocket boosters in wood and flies. That is, until they explode.

Lucas: Same as Ness.

Sonic: Pulls on a spring and jumps on it.

Dedede: Same as Kirby.

Olimar: Hires his pink pikmin to carry him. I feel bad for them.

Lucario: Diverts his aura to his palms and points them down, lifting him up

ROB: Rocket Boosters

Toon Link: Same as Link

Wolf: IDK fox but darkness I guess

Villager: Attaches balloons to his head and somehow fills them with helium in no time flat.

Mega man: Jumps on a robot horse thing.

Wii Fit Trainer: Hoola hoops on hoops that are lighter than air.

Rosalina and Luma: IDK shes a goddess I can't explain that

Little Mac: Propels himself up with the sheer force of anger(thats probably why it isn't that good)

Greninja: Forces water underneath him to propel himself up

Palutena: Teleportation

Pac-Man: Summons tramplines from his gravity-free world and jumps on them

Robin: Uses the respective tomb and jumps on the spell

Shulk: Similar to what Link does, but only a half-circle and with a much bigger sword

Bowser Jr: Yeets himself out of his cart. RIP cart

Duck Hunt: The duck flies, but not very well due to the very heavy dog it's trying to carry


Ken: See Ryu

Cloud: Same as Marth

Corrin: Transforms into a dragon and does a commbination of what Geninja does and flying

Bayonetta: Unable to explain. I tried

Inkling: Turns into a squid while emitting paint for it to swim in. The squid jumps out of the paint and flies back to stage.

Ridley: Same as Bayonetta

Simon: Sees an unholy ghost and tries to punch it. Gravity is also scared, and lets him do it.

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Richer: Same as Simon

King K Rool: Attaches helicopter cap to his head and goes up until he runs out of fuel. But then he gets a free recharge. If only fuel was free.

Isabelle: The cooler Villager

Incinaroar: Perhaps he can jump on fire

the flower that bites: Same as DK, but with a very flexible stem. I thought it would be twisted to nothingness by now.

Joker: Grappling Hook. Simple enough. With Arsene he just gets carried

Hero: Magically summons two tornados at just the right angle to blow himself up. Boom.

Banjo and Kazooie: See Duck Hunt

Terry: I've got nothing. Do you?

Byleth: just a grappling hook. An insanely long one.

Min Min: A grappling hook with a dragon head.

Steve: Elytra, but he's secretly boosting himself with rockets.

Seproith: Seproith powers

Pyra/Mythra: Aegis powers

I just realized how many characters there are in smash. Sakurai is insane.


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