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I counted 36 brawlers, 27 gunners, and 20 “sword users” in the roster

I always see complaints about "too many anime sword fighters", but is there too many? Mii fighters are broken down into 3 categories: brawler, gunner, and sword fighter. I tried to apply this to the roster in this chart:

My criteria is sort of as follows.

Gunner – A character fits this category if they have 3 projectiles or if ranged attacks are a big part of their playstyle. This includes having just 1 or 2 ranged attacks that are very spammable or having a projectile reflector. Few characters are strictly gunners in the same way as the Mii Gunner, but I figure if you choose a fighter for their gunner abilities, they're a gunner. You could play as Samus or Zelda without using any B movies, but that doesn't make them not gunners.

Brawler – There's only like, a dozen characters that don't have any projectiles at all. For my intents and purposes, a character is a brawler if they mostly fight with their fists and not a weapon.

Sword fighter – A character who wields a sword or similar bladed weapon. I would personally think of someone as a sword fighter second if their primary game is shooting crap all over the screen, but we can look at this list considering anyone who touches a sword to be a "sword fighter".

Counting like that (or regardless of how you want to count), sword fighters are in the minority. Without all the new sword fighters added in Sm4sh and SSBU, there wasn't much choice besides Links and Marths. Sure, their numbers have doubled since Brawl, but they're still behind brawlers and gunners. There was 1/12 sword fighter in Smash 64 and 4/25 in Melee.

Anyway, I don't get why sword fighters are eyerolled so hard. List of swordies (in the loosest terms):

Link (clones: Young Link, Toon Link) – With 3 projectiles, he's kinda half-and-half. Any Link I fight against always spams projectiles hard to disrupt your moves or even just rack up damage from a safe distance. Most Links seem to have gunning as their core strategy, so he's almost more of a gunner than a sword user. It's a little dumb we have 3 Links, but oh well.

Marth (clones: Lucina, Roy, Chrom) – Marth is fine since he was first. Lucina is a shameless clone. Roy's evolved into being slightly different from Marth, but he's basically still the same character. Chrom is Roy with Ike's Up+B. So we have 4 guys here with pretty much identical moves, all from the same series. I can understand the hate here.

Ganondorf – His smash attacks use a sword. Would it have been better if he remained a Captain Falcon clone? He isn't really a sword fighter.

Pit (clone: Dark Pit) – Uses a bladed weapon, but isn't a sword fighter.

Ike – He has a Down+B counter, but is otherwise nothing like any other sword fighter. His Neutral B move charges like Marth, but the range is completely different.

Meta Knight – His stubby sword has less reach than most brawlers. Compared to the others, he's barely even a sword fighter.

Shulk – Has a Down+B counter and a couple of his aerial attacks are similar to Ike. Otherwise unique with his sword extending and requiring more precision.

Robin – More of a gunner. His sword attacks are awkward and stubby compared to others.

Corrin – Doesn't have a lot of "sword" attacks, lots of the attacks are more like a lance. Has the typical Down+B counter.

Cloud – Other than his B moves, some of his attacks are similar to Ike.

Hero – Has some moves similar to Link, but bigger on projectiles, borrowing aspects from Pikachu, Samus, Sheik, and Zelda. It all comes together to make something new, not just a 4th Link or a 5th Marth.

Byleth – Uses a bunch of non-sword weapons. Sword acts like a whip, anyway.

Sephiroth – Sword has way longer range than anyone else's, counter behaves differently, gets super armour with some attacks, and has projectiles.

Mii Swordfighter – Mostly a mish-mash of every sword fighter, but what else would a Mii bii?

So tl;dr, if you exclude the actual clone characters and the ones who aren't even really sword fighters, the list gets a lot smaller. Within that list, there are some similarities, but you can find some such similarities between brawlers and gunners, too. It's not like they all just play exactly the same (other than Down+B counters being pretty typical).


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