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I have never seen anyone able to explain how the dash mechanics work in ultimate, so I went ahead and tested it out and recorded my findings

I’ve always wondered why trying to do “IRARs” in ultimate seemed so weird, and as if it was a different input entirely from both regular RARs, and from melee pivot jumps.

RARs in the Brawl-onwards games are pretty straightforward; when your character is running you can press backwards to immediately (frame 1) enter the run turnaround animation. Cancelling this animation with a jump will give you a RAR. This one is easy to understand.

Pivots in melee are also pretty straightforward; during your dash, you can press backwards to start another full dash in the other direction (this is how dash dancing works). Before they start the dash though, your character will be considered standing (facing backwards) for one frame. Any grounded action can be done out of this, including a jump that won’t carry any momentum of your dash.

I tested this in ultimate using Falco in training mode frame by frame. Falcos dash is 19 total frames, he’s able to shield on frame 20.

Standing smash turnarounds don’t exist. If you smash input backwards while standing, you will dash back. You can frame 1 jump out of this and get the turnaround.

A standing tilt turnaround takes 1 frame before you can do attacks, BUT if you try to jump frame perfectly out of a tilt turnaround, you’ll cancel the turnaround and face the same direction. So it takes 2 frames of tilt turnaround before you can jump.

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Now is the weird part. There’s different parts of a dash. Let’s say Falco is dashing left. From frames 1-6, Falco can do a turnaround that takes 1 frame, and then if he presses jump without holding left (right or neutral), he will get a turnaround jump. But if he presses jump and left on the same frame, he won’t turnaround.

From frames 6-12, Falco MUST be holding right when he presses jump to do a turnaround jump. Neutral won’t work. For some reason he won’t start jumping on the frame you press jump, he waits an extra frame. It’s not as if there’s a turnaround animation that the game is waiting to complete, because it’s impossible to turnaround during this window; holding back without any other buttons will just buffer the turnaround until after this window ends. Very weird stuff.

From frame 12 onwards, it functions as if he’s running. After right is held for even one frame, he can jump and get the turnaround, regardless of stick placement. On frame 20 is when he starts actually running and can enter his run turnaround animation.

I have no idea why there’s 2 different parts to the dash before you even get to the run. It seems like that window from frames 6-12 is what they added to prevent melee-style dash dancing. I was discussing this with someone in SSBM and they say that the 1-5 frames are called initial dash, and frames 6-12 are just a dash, but I’m not sure if that’s the common terms for these differences. I’ve read a lot about ultimates mechanics and I’ve never really seen anyone talk about the way that dashing and turning around works. There’s encyclopedias written about this in melee and IMO it makes it easier to perform tech when you understand the inputs needed to make the mechanics do what you want them to do.

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Hope this helps or clears up some confusion for people.


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