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Looking for the most internationally diverse Top 8s for each season

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So I was feeling pretty bored last weekend, and I decided to try and look at Ultimate Top 8s because I miss offline play and just wanted to look at the brackets once again. However, upon seeing Ultimate Fighting Arena's Top 8, I noticed the sheer international diversity within that bracket and decided to look back on the Top 8s of every PGRU-designated tournament to see which tournament had the most internationally diverse Top 8 of the season.

DISCLAIMER: I will only be considering PGRU-ranked tournaments that are B-tier or higher, and will only be listing the winner and the first runner-up.

Season 1 PGRU

Season 2 PGRU

Season 3 PGRU


The most internationally diverse top 8 of season 1 goes to Albion 4, the largest European Smash tournament of all time. The top 8 for that tournament had 5 countries in it, consisting of:

– France (Glutonny)

– USA (Dabuz, MVD)

– Japan (Raito)

– UK (Scr7)

– Netherlands (Mr.R, Young Eevey, S1)


CEO 2019, the last USA major of the season, comes close with 4 countries in its top 8, consisting of:

– Mexico (MkLeo)

– USA (Marss, Dabuz, Puppeh, WaDi, Nairo)

– Canada (Ally)

– France (Glutonny)

SEASON 2 WINNER: Smash Factor 8

The most internationally diverse tournament of the Fall 2019 PGRU goes to Smash Factor 8, which can also be argued for boasting the most internationally diverse top 8 of any Smash tournament ever, with a whopping 6 countries in its top 8:

– USA (Marss)

– Mexico (MkLeo, Maister, Regi Shikimi)

– France (Glutonny)

– Japan (Abadango)

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– Netherlands (Mr.R)

– Costa Rica (Yei)

SEASON 2 RUNNER-UP: Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019

Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019, notable for being Space's breakout tournament, comes close with 5 countries in its top 8 (this tournament was the reason I opted to include first runner-up in this list, as its diversity is simply too great to ignore):

– Mexico (MkLeo)

– France (Glutonny, Homika)

– Netherlands (Space, Mr.R)

– Japan (Kameme)

– Germany (quiK, Tru4)


Europe regains the title of most internationally diverse top 8 after narrowly losing the title to Mexico by one country last season with Valhalla III, with 5 countries in its top 8:

– France (Glutonny, Elexiao)

– Germany (quiK)

– Finland (Lancelot)

– The Netherlands (Space, Mr.R, S1)

– England (CurryGovernor)

SEASON 3 RUNNER-UP: GENESIS 7 / Frostbite 2020 (TIE)

Due to the PGRU season unfortunately getting cut short due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we have a tie for our runner-up spot, with both of the USA supermajors having 3 countries apiece:


– USA (Marss, Samsora, ESAM, Dark Wizzy, Light)

– Mexico (MkLeo, Maister)

– France (Glutonny)

Frostbite 2020:

– Mexico (MkLeo, Maister)

– USA (Tweek, Dabuz, Wrath, Toast)

– Japan (Tea, Zackray)

Notes and Observations:

– No player outside of Japan made top 8 at a Japanese tournament for the entirety of Seasons 2 and 3, and in the one season where a non-Japanese player made top 8 at Japanese majors, the only player who did was Cosmos, achieving top 8 at both Umebura SP 3 and Umebura Japan Major 2019

– Season 2 is the only tournament where a European tournament does not hold the distinction for most internationally diverse top 8, though they do hold first runner-up in that season

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– France and the Netherlands are the only countries with a presence in the most diverse top 8s of all 3 seasons, with them being represented by the same players: Glutonny and Mr.R

– Season 3 is the only season where the USA and Japan are not present at all in the most internationally diverse tournament of the season

– Out of the three continents represented in these tournaments (NA, Asia, Europe), Europe has the most countries within these particular top 8s, with 5 countries (plus the UK) having made top 8 at the most internationally diverse tournaments across all seasons

I ultimately wanted to do this as a fun little activity, hopefully you enjoyed this post!


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