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Mage sisters in ultimate? [new characters] [more planned]

Content of the article: "Mage sisters in ultimate? [new characters] [more planned]"

So I was scrolling through a music video from Kirby star allies (Rivals from another dimension), when I found an interesting reply to a comment talking about an idea for the three mage sisters as a playable smash character, swapping them out similarly to Pokémon trainer. I thought that this was a good idea, so I would like to post this on reddit. Thank you @Tristan Wong 王皜軒, for making this post two years ago. Now, please allow me to elaborate upon your brilliant idea now that I’ve played the game.

Since Mr or Mrs Wong has given the idea that they would alternate, I’m going to pick apart each one.

flamberge flamberge will be my first part of this three part character. She wields a sword another sword fighter lol^ and will utilize this in her attacks, while also staying true to the fire.

Jabs: a three part swing of her sword, each dealing fire damage. Side tilt: an overhead swing dealing more damage with less knockback? Up tilt: a basic upwards jab dealing fire damage. Quick and simple. Down tilt: Similar to Marth and Meta Knight's down tilts, it would just be a basic crouching jab dealing, you guessed it, fire damage. Dash attack: a quick fire damage dealing flurry of stabs, like one of her attacks in Kirby Star Allies. Ends with a lot of fireballs shooting out of her sword for extra knock back and damage.

Now for the smash attacks, where the fun begins. Side smash: flamberge stabs her sword into the ground and drags it across the floor for slashing damage, dealing fire damage to everything and everyone who walks in her earlier path. Low range but decent knockback. Up smash: Ike’s up smash with extra fire damage and lower knockback. Down smash: links’s up B but on the ground and with fire damage.

Nair: flamberge swings her sword around, dealing regular damage this time but with a meteor effect. because meteors have fire^ Bair: a quick backwards swing of flamberge's sword deals fire damage. Fair: same as bair but forwards. Uair: see up smash, with no knockback and decent damage to balance her later move – the nuetral special. See that later. Dair: flamberge's skewer move is great when you’re not on the receiving end. How about we do that? Flamberge points her sword downwards and drops down at high speeds, carrying with her anyone the sword hits. Low damage but could be used to kill if played smart enough, but easily punishable and easy self destructive power.

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Now onto the special moves. This is where the fun begins. (`u´)ゞ

Neutral special: the cannon. insert spongebob fish Vietnam flashbacks meme here Flamberge will shoot her cannon for her nuetral special, dealing quick damage in a long range compared to a few of her other attacks. Slow startup but MASSIVE DAMAGE AND KNOCKBACK. while charging, she can also point it in directions such as north, northeast, east, southeast, so on, until she finally uses the cannon. Side B: long leap similar to her jumping around in star allies but with less distance for obvious reasons. Still a better distance than normal jumping, and can attack while jumping, but enters free fall if she falls farther than the ground she leapt off of (for balancing.) Up B: high jump like side B, can only do it off of the ground, and has no free fall. Down B: swaps to the next mage sister.

It’s like, 2:08 where I’m at right now so I’m stopping for tonight. I’ll definitely come back to make more. Wherever you are, good night everyone.


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