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Magikarp Makes a Splash!

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"Magikarp is a pathetic excuse for a pokemon that is only capable of flopping and splashing…" until now! Here's my Magikarp moveset. I definitely took some creative liberties. Hope you enjoy!

Overview: Magikarp is an unwieldy fighter. It's flop-based movement takes skill and practice to control, but the most experienced player can use the slippery fish to catch opponents off-guard with unpredictable changes in direction and punishing attacks that come out fast. But, you're just as likely to miss your target altogether and splash into the blastzone. Magikarp does best in the air and off-stage where it can out-maneuver its foes.


Jumps: Magikarp has an extra double jump. Its grounded jump is medium-low. On the other hand, its double jumps cover much more distance. When the player presses the jump button and inputs a direction on the joystick (or uses tap jump and immediately swings the joystick in another direction), Magikarp flings itself in that direction with impressive speed. This unique jumping ability allows Magikarp to suddenly break from momentum and change direction midair. It can jump laterally or even downwards. Magikarp's long and fast double jumps take some practicing, otherwise you might fly right past the opponent.

Dash: Magikarp flops around for its dash, with each flop bridging a set amount of distance. This makes it challenging to nail down microspacing while grounded.

Weight: Magikarp is a lightweight, comparable to Peach or Greninja.

Fallspeed: Medium, comparable to Wario

Groundspeed: medium-slow

Magikarp's idle animation is flopping in place like a fish out of water

Jab: Magikarp slams its thick head into the opponent. Hits twice.

Dash Attack: Magikarp shoots itself horizontally forward like a missile. Medium-fast. Sweetspots during its middle frames and can kill at high percents. Very punishable if the attack ends with Magikarp on-stage, but if the attack sends Magikarp off-stage, there's very little end-lag.

Grab and Throws: Magikarp grabs by jumping onto the opponent's head and surrounding it with its open mouth (imagine the fighter wearing a Magikarp hat). It pummels by whapping the opponent with its tail.

Forward throw (bubble beam): Magikarp jumps off the opponent and pushes them forward with bubble beam. Weak and low-damage.

Backthrow: Pulling down from the opponent's head, Magikarp flips its foe head over heels, slamming their back onto the stage. Highest damage of all throws. Can kill at high percents + edge of stage.

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Up throw (bounce): Like Charizard's upthrow, Magikarp bounces off-screen with the opponent and slams them down (onto a platform if the move was activated underneath it). Ends with both the opponent and Magikarp in the air.

Down throw: Magikarp hops off the opponent and falls down on them on its side. Leads into low/mid percent combos.


Forward Tilt: Magikarp slaps its tail forward. Fast but low-damage.

Up Tilt: Magikarp sweeps its tail in an arc over its head. Can hit enemies a short distance away on either side.

Down Tilt: Magikarp slaps its tail on the ground, spraying water in whichever direction it's facing.


Forward Air: Like Sheik's Bouncing Fish. Magikarp suddenly flings itself forward in a low arc, slapping its tail down heavily on the opponent. Good surprise kill option, especially offstage, but has a lot of end lag if it misses.

Back Air: Magikarp slaps the opponent three times quickly with its tail.

Up Air: Magikarp sweeps its tail upwards. Good for continuing combos.

Down Air: Like Bowser's down air. Magikarp breaks its aerial momentum and falls straight down on its side. Meteor effect at high percents. Significant end lag, and Magikarp won't be able to recover if used low offstage.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Magikarp swings its heavy head forward (like Charizard's f-smash). Decent kill power.

Up Smash: Magikarp tenses up and then expands/ shoots out its pointy upper fin.

Down Smash: Magikarp spins around on its side, hitting low on both sides with its tail.


Neutral Special (splash): Magikarp used Splash. But nothing happened. Magikarp flops and makes a little splash. The move stops all momentum and holds Magikarp briefly in place when used mid-air. Unlike in the pokemon games games, Splash plays a key role in Magikarp's smash moveset. By freezing Magikarp mid-air no matter the direction or speed in which it was traveling, this move gives the fighter another unpredictable aerial movement option and helps set up attacks/ wait-out opponents.

Side Special (water gun): Works differently grounded vs mid-air

  • Grounded: Magikarp shoots a mid-range shot of water. Strength similar to Megaman's blade.
  • Mid-air: Inputing this move makes Magikarp start rotating (counterclockwise if the joystick is left and clockwise if right). Then, the player inputs the move again to make Magikarp shoot out a high-power shot of water in whichever direction it is facing. The player has to time this move correctly and pay attention to Magikarp's direction. The move cancels if Magikarp rotates completely without firing. The water shot can kill off-stage. Activating this move does not change Magikarp's momentum, so it could be flying forward and rotating at the same time, allowing for crazy set-ups.
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Up Special (rain dance): Magikarp calls down a column of rain from overhead, which falls until it hits the stage/ a platform (like Pikachu's thunder). If Magikarp touches the water, its render looks wet for a few seconds and it moves faster. If the opponent touches the water, their render also looks wet, but their on-stage movement is slippery for a few seconds (as if they were on ice).

Down Special (flail): Magikarp flails around violently. Decent end lag. Power scales up based on Magikarp's damage. When Magikarp is at low percents, this move is pitiful, but at high percents (plus rage), this move is extremely threatening and is Magikarp's best grounded kill option.

Final Smash: Lake of Rage

Magikarp pulls opponents in front of it into a whirlpool, initiating a cut scene set at Johto's Lake of Rage, where Magikarp evolves into the red Gyarados from Gen II and fires a hydro pump attack at the enemy.

Taunts (these were hard to come up with but I'm pretty happy with them)

1: Magikarp coughs up a randomly selected fishy friend, which flops away. (Options are Feebas, Remoraid, Finneon, Tynamo, Inkay, Wishiwashi, and Arrokuda)

2: Magikarp jumps into the air and briefly transforms into its shiny form, golden Magikarp. It gracefully floats with sparkles and glistening droplets around it… and a very blank stare.

3: Magikarp coughs up a second Magikarp, which swallows the original and assumes its place in battle.

4: Magikarp blows a bubble and traps itself inside. The bubble bursts and the fish falls back to the ground.


Entrance Animation: The Magikarp salesman from the games and anime tosses the pokemon on the ground and then runs away with pockets bursting with money.

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Victory animation: Magikarp flops on the ground with its characteristic wide-eyed, dumb expression.


  • Normal
  • Gyarados color-scheme
  • Red Gyarados color-scheme
  • Feebas color-scheme
  • Luvdisc color-scheme
  • Metapod color-scheme
  • Spoink color-scheme
  • Shiny (it's #2 taunt turns it silver instead of gold)


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